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I'm a professional horticulturist, master naturalist and I write a weekly horticulture column. Anywhere from 1-6 of my pictures appear each week with the column. All my shooting is done with either a GH4, EM -1, LX7 or FX300 and all in natural light. Also doing lots of stills and video with my fleet of DJI Pantom 3P drones (sUAV).

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  • Yes, indeed it does.  thanks.  It might add another step though since in most circumstances I'd already have the picture open in preview to see if it's going to be part of an article and go to my ...
  • Bingo, Under the TIFF there was both the camera model and  mfr info as well as date and time taken...exactly what I need. Thanks Richard
  • Created discussion thread viewing EXIF data on a Mac
    I use Lightroom which is great for viewing EXIF data but I don't always or immediately import my pics into LR.  However, there are times when I still need to view the EXIF data such as which ...
  • Nice shot Jerry. Alstromeria?
  • Created question thread RX10 iii and macros
    I've got a Pany FZ300 and was considering the Sony until I went to lift it up.  It's a hefty baby. Wondering if it can take very close macros like the FZ300?  The issue with the Pany is that at the ...
  • Follow up question.  Since I can only use this function shooting a JPEG is there a way to set a funtion button so it will set the camera to JPEG Fine when that function button is pressed or will ...
  • Ah I may see the Quality is set to the second to last on the list above.  So you can't use this function and get a raw shot?
  • In aperture priority the small button activates the macro function...but just seems to turn it on and or off.  The scroll dial above it scrolls between the left function and the off function but ...
  • Created question thread FZ300 and macro focus
    Trying to get a little more proficient with my FZ300 and doing macros.  But I can't seem to get the camera to go into the macro zoom mode as described in the basic manual on page 31 where it tells ...
  • Aside from the politics of weight and price...what specific kind of shooting would you use this lens for?

  • Created discussion thread FZ300 disounting
    Every couple of weeks I see the price drop by $100 on the FZ300 then it goes back up to the usual retail price.  Does this mean there's a new model in the pipeline and retailers are trying to ...
  • Created discussion thread LX-7 replacement and wish list
    I've had an LX7 for ages, actually two ages because I'm on my second one.  I use it as my go anywhere camera and if I don't have my GH4 or EM 1 with me I've got the LX7.  Love that I can use it ...
  • And wouldn't it be nice if a source like DPR would see the interest and do a piece comparing the Sony cam against the Pany lens so those of us who actually are willing to spend the $$ can get some ...
  • Created discussion thread Pany 100-400 or Sony RX10 III
    So, I'm waiting for the Pany 100=400 f/4-6.3 to test on my GH-4 and EM-1.  Since I shoot outdoors in daylight it seems it might be a good choice for wildlife and nature shooting with the weight of ...
  • Created question thread GH 4 Intelligent auto and RAW
    Can somone confirm or set me straight on a setting? If the mode dial is set to iA and the menu set to jpeg+raw is will shoot pictures in...jpeg and raw so long as the menu is set to iA+.  But if ...
  • Does anyone know if Apple has a published position on AV protection for their machines? A
  • Created discussion thread Mac anti virus software
    Had a scare this morning and thought I'd picked something up on my MBP but it turned out to be a browser issue that was easily corrected.  But it got me to thinking (again) about antivirus ...
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