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I'm a professional horticulturist, master naturalist, pilot and I write a weekly horticulture column. Anywhere from 1-6 of my pictures appear each week with the column. All my shooting is done with either a GH4, EM -1, LX7 or FX300 and all in natural light. Also doing lots of stills and video with my fleet of DJI Pantom 3P, 4P and Mavic Pro drones (sUAV).

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  • Created discussion thread Format and encrypt a Samsung T3
    I want to move all my archived images from the SSD on my iMac to an external T3.  Since I only use Macs should I format the SSD as Mac OSX extended and then reinstall the Samsung encryption program? ...
  • I started with the GH2.  I was shooting with a Nikon D5000 at the time and as my kit grew and my need for longer glass grew the pain in my left wrist grew.  At the time I did some math and found ...
  • Created discussion thread FZ300 advice
    I've had an FZ300 for several years and it's the camera that's always with me for unplanned shooting.  I've found it to be fun to use, reliable and pretty versatile.  The weather and dust sealing ...
  • Thanks for the help. One thing though.  When I'm in LV and I press the OK button it brings up several help screens and not the display I'm supposed to see with the various settings.  Any thoughts ...
  • Created discussion thread Setting up EM-1 Mark 2
    A daunting task indeed. I want to always shoot so my images are saved as both JPEG and RAW but the options are daunting like this: Choose from JPEG ( Y F, Y N, X N, and W N) and RAW modes. Choose a ...
  • Hopefully some of you are following this and can offer more advice. It looks like I can sell a good deal of my Pany glass and my GH-4 and EM-1 and end up with an EM-1 Mark II and an Oly 12-40 F2.8 ...
  • Great shots.  Curious what the story is with the American jet that has the TWA logo on the tail?  Haven't seen TWA in quite a while. Andrew
  • Well there are other hidden benefits.  Fewer lenses mean one less case in the back seat of the truck.  The dog will love the extra A
  • Just wanted to thank everyone for your really great responses.  Gave me lots to think about.  For the moment I may be leaning towards staying with my current set up but adding the Oly 12-40 to my ...
  • Like your wisdom.  I may just pick up the Oly lens that I'm missing for the 'holy trinity'
  • Not lacking anything except a good background in photography..and I know all too well that a camera won't help there.  My main motivation was to reduce my kit and move from two cameras to one. ...
  • No, haven't considered that optione...yet, but you've given me something else to look into.  Thanks
  • I had the 300mm and while it was great for the few long distance bird shots I do I just didn't see using it enough and it can be a beast, though not as much of a beast as a Nikon or Canon equiv.
  • That's a very interesting option. A
  • current lenses: 60 mm 2.8 Macro Olympus 45 mm 2.8 Macro Leica Marro-Elmarit Asph 25 mm 1.4 DG Summilux Lumix 7-14 2.8 Olympus Pro 12-35 2.8 Lumix G X 14-140 3.5-5.6 HD Lumix 35-100 2.8 Lumix G X 40 ...
  • Noted, and of course there is another option...just stick with what I've got. thanks
  • Created discussion thread Trade up advice
    I have a GH4 and an EM-1 with a mix of Pany and Oly glass.  I had them both so I would have a backup but I'm finding that I can use my FZ 300 as a backup if necessary. I can sell both the GH-4 and ...
  • Replied in Am I nuts?
    B&H is not requiring a trade in. However, it is one of the few retailers where you can do a trade in. You can't do that at Bestbuy or Amazon
  • Replied in Am I nuts?
    It came as an offer from B&H Olympus Camera & Lens Trade-In Trade-Up $200 Bonus -- looks like it's in effect until some time in May.  Don't know if it's a B&H specific promo but I haven't gotten a ...
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