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I'm a professional horticulturist, master naturalist, pilot and I write a weekly horticulture column. Anywhere from 1-6 of my pictures appear each week with the column. All my shooting is done with either a GH4, EM -1, LX7 or FX300 and all in natural light. Also doing lots of stills and video with my fleet of DJI Pantom 3P, 4P and Mavic Pro drones (sUAV).


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Be interested in who has bought into AeroScope in the US and for what reason. If it will cut down on unregistered people flying drones for commercial purposes I'm all for it. If it's just to track what part 107 pilots are doing and where while these cowboys put everyone else in jeopardy than what's the point of letting them easily ID me?

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Anyone know if the Mavic controller would work with the Spark?


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As a commercial drone pilot I found the video both exciting and disturbing. Can you imagine being on a railroad crossing with a semi while the train is approaching and the engineer is distracted by the drone outside his window? Not an issue? Then why did the engineer look to the right, get distracted and find it necessary to close his cab window?

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and what about FAA registration. Being a part 107 pilot is one thing but how does a 107 pilot rent a drone that isn't registered as a commercial drone with FAA? How sill Lensrentals handle this issue?


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As a private pilot and a commercial UAV pilot I don't understand why DJI can't simply ask those certified under part 107 to supply a copy of their certificates and then unlock the software to permit flying with the exception of only the most highly restricted airspace where we shouldn't be flying anyway? We've been tested and licensed by the FAA, why should DJI presume that they have the right or responsibility to restrict flight? Does Cessna? Boeing? or for that matter any other aircraft manufacturer?

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And it doesn't matter how many ports you put on the sides of a laptop. If the hardware inside doesn't work the the ports are pretty useless.

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5 years ago I jumped the Dell ship for Apple. You pay a premium but after a dozen Dell laptops and handful of desktops I just couldn't support my busienss with the ongoing hardware failures and total lack of on site support. Tecs would show up with the wrong hardware, Dell would fight over repairs, machines would be down for days to weeks. The switch to Apple was difficult but with Office and Adobe software being cross platform the switch was fairly smooth. The Apple support experience is next to none. Friendly, responsive, helpful and always in understandable English. 8 laptops and 4 iMacs later not a single hardware failure. Phone support is quick, efficient and they even called back a few times to check on the previous call. Senior tecs even give call back numbers and follow up on issues. Dell never, ever did that. Again, there is a premium for Apple. If it's $1000 more than a Dell..I'm happy to pay it. I don't think I could ever go back. Apple works. PC, sometimes.

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Aside from the politics of weight and price...what specific kind of shooting would you use this lens for?

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I guess my view of photography is very conservative. Most of these images seem altered and contrived through the use of image enhancement. The changes aren't subtle and the results look too manipulated. I wonder if this reveals that the technique and skill in taking the picture has been supplanted by the shooters ability to manipulate the image into somersetting other than a photograph?

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