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  • decooler:

    "and yes, I can buy two D810s for the price of 1xQ2"

    And without lenses those will be useless.

    Also name a full framed camera available on March 18th 2019 with built in memory? I can...

  • And yet I see the first one on the street, in use.

    Never seen a Veyron on the street.

  • Martin:

    And out comes the dentist silliness.

  • ZeBebito:

    Then I'd recognize the person. Are you really that ignorant of life in a city?

    Sure reads like you are.

  • ZeBebito:

    Well, that D50 isn't $100 since you'll need $5000 Otus with it.

    So your claim is a useless, and inaccurate, attempt at distraction.

  • better colour from the Leica.

    the Sony has less distortion and no corner vignetting.

  • So for less than a new Sony RX1RII.

    Yeah, right.

    Wait about 12 months, and you'll be able find an used good condition Q V1 for about that price--perhaps less.

  • lossy raws only with that Sony RX1, and the lens doesn't have the colour. But no vignetting with that Sony's lens.

    Also why bring up used gear?

    If you're in the use market, now the Q V1 is an...

  • 50k?

    You don't need ten of them.

  • Ben H:

    But there's only one model that competes with this, the Sony RX1RII. The Sony has a lens with less distortion and better corner coverage, but the Q's lens has better colour. (That's colour...

  • Well, what the Nikon D50 DSLR is an excellent "only" 6MP camera even today. Not so great over ISO 800 though.

  • and I see Qs about once month in my city. Seen them in use, as in being shot too.

    your $1800 D810 (an excellent camera) has crap imaging quality, since you'll need a lens to use it as a camera....

  • Copal:

    And yet, Leica continues to sell cameras and lenses.

    The Q V1 specifically embarrassed the Sony RX1RII by being more popular.

  • Does the Ricoh have an EVF?

  • Copal:

    "Not sure what all this Leica Q2 hype is all about here on dpreview - did Leica pay for this kind of advertisement? "

    The Leica Q V1 has been a very good seller for Leica.

    The Q (either)...

  • denverdonate:

    What are you saying is "made in China"?

    The Q2 is made in Germany with parts from all over the world.

    Also no as a general rule "made in China" doesn't mean low quality. Both Nikon...

  • Decooler:

    Okay, I understand the question, it's not one you asked initially.

    Did you try opening a DNG from either the Q V1 or this Q V2 with RawTherapee to check what the "vignetting" and...

  • Decooler:

    Nowhere did I claim it's just your files. All I did was point out that A there were Q V1 DNGs posted by DPR years ago, and B that you were concern trolling over a well established bit...

  • 4sofnature:

    this Q's lens has better colour than that Sony GM and the Tamron. And it's not like those are bad lenses for colour.

  • 3pgrey:

    Okay, 1932, so not a 100 years. Which is what you'd claimed.

    Interestingly, the 35mm SLR predates the M rangefinder.

    So it's more that cameras like the 1959 Nikon F SLR reduced the usage...

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