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  • Not sure I want to inform Facebook of my interest in digital camera gear.
    Actually very sure.

  • Azathothh:

    "Leica glass is overrated. The just live on the hype created by Bresson."

    It's simplistic to think it's only Breton 60 years go.

    No, Leica glass is not over-rated.

    Now, if you'd...

  • Commented on article How do drones fly?


    "hence the rubbish about requiring the speed of light to achieve earth orbit" not what I said exactly. Check again.

    "Upside down only means something when the aircraft is designed to fly...


    "Sony makes almost all of the rest". Not really, unless you mean sensors for smaller than APSC cameras.

  • RM:

    " 'but they used hydrophilic glass' is neither an explanation nor an excuse."

    It's an explanation contrary to your assertion. Now, what we don't know is if there was a non-hydrophilic option...

  • Kodak poor quality?

  • RM:

    Curved micro lens array.

    Not at all simply micro lenses.

    Next time read and quote what I wrote before embarrassing yourself.

    Kodak made these sensors.

    It's the cover glass that is...

  • Bashir:

    Corrosion generally leads to coatings, or tightly fitting covers, pealing off.

  • Yeah, at ISO 1000 and below an amazing camera in many ways.

    It has its limits and you have to know how to focus manually.

    Nope, doesn't do many FPS.

  • The corrosion is an old known issue.

    The replacement, for a hefty fee, with conditions, looks to be a reasonably new Leica policy. (It likely means they've found a source for new sensors.)

  • Just wondering which other cameras are the first full framed mirrorless bodies ever done? Answer: Not one.

    And, excluding other Leica bodies, just wondering which other full framed mirrorless...

  • Commented on article How do drones fly?


    It's okay you're not the first person to confuse description for explanation.

    And your over-long posts haven't solved this confusion of yours.

    "The thrust comes from the engine."


  • Commented on article How do drones fly?


    "Other ways of changing the direction of the force is to change the geometry of the aircraft itself (wing flaps etc)."

    That won't sustain an aircraft in upside down flight.

    "An object will...

  • Commented on article How do drones fly?


    "the unbalanced force comes from the engines of the aircraft : this is why aircraft have engines (and so are not merely projectiles) and require lots of energy to remain elevated."


  • piratejabetz:

    Originally, it was something like "semi-pro bodies over 2000usd", there wasn't an upper limit.

  • Commented on article How do drones fly?

    When W started killing people in Afghanistan with "drones" in 2002. Albeit those are RC aeroplanes. (But like RC quad copters, those airplanes have some on board AI.)

  • Commented on article How do drones fly?


    The sustained period can be more than several minutes.

    "it is an object will move in the direction of an unbalanced force."

    Right, and you've not provided an unbalanced...

  • Commented on article How do drones fly?

    "the explanation is simple"

    "The vertical components of force on the aircraft must be balanced for level flight. If the force is unbalanced the aircraft will gain or lose altitude."

    This is a...

  • Commented on article How do drones fly?

    The headline should really be

    "How drones [remote control paired rotor craft] maneuver"

    I read the Wired piece looking for an explanation of the mysteries of lift from wings or rotors....

  • Dr Blackjack:

    The A7R Mark 1 has the big drawback of the incredibly audible, and vibration inducing, mechanical shutter. Also the Sony only shoots lossy raws. It's CDAF only I believe.

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