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36hike: I'm again amazed -- as an old timer returning to photography after a number of years -- at the utter gullibility of today's consumers. What again is the advantage of these hybrids? Size? Weight? It certainly isn't image quality.

I suppose it's a wonderful thing for those suffering from tendinitis in lugging around cumbersome dslr's. But the real motive for companies isn't tech. advancement. It's profit margin by pushing an unneeded segment to market. Small sensors equal greater profits and slow down the demand for REAL innovation, particularly in the area of anti-aliasing and color.

Not everyone needs the image quality of a full frame camera. The largest pic most people print is an 8 x 10. I will be looking into the mirrorless cameras in the future as I don't sell my pics and need the highest of quality that a pro does. If i was a pro i would use medium format. People have to stop worrying about the sensor size/iso noise/mega pixels and just enjoy taking photos if on a iphone or what ever else they have.

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