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tkbslc: Drones with artificial intelligence? Isn't that the start to some dystopian sci-fi movie?

@JasonTheBirder: Yes, but it can always get worse.

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scrup: So many threatened by a smartphone, like it's going to take away their manhood.

The smartphone has transformed so many peoples lives. If it hasn't transformed your life, all I can say is your probably living the last 20% of your lifespan.

Unfortunately, the smartphone has also "transformed" so many scenic and interesting places... for the worse.

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Handl Christian: No doubt a drone can be very useful and gives new and amazing perspectives.
But keep in mind that if people are around, flying a drone might be not such a good idea. First in most countries this is forbidden by law, second the blades are sharp as knives and just imagine what can happen when a drone is flying in somebodys face due to user error or a breakdown.

I personally witnessed someone's thumb get sliced when trying to catch his drone. This was also in a U.S. National Park where their use is expressly forbidden.

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photo_rb: I wish it had GPS built in.

I own a Canon compact with built-in GPS. It initially seemed like a good idea but positioning took far too long to be useful, especially while hiking. Didn't miss the feature when it was phased out in subsequent models.

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Minority Report incarnate. No thanks.

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Astro Landscapes: Psst. There are plenty of other turquoise lakes out there, all over America, and surely all over Europe. Just look for lakes near glaciers, and you might find one... No need to go near a toxic waste dump. (eye roll)

We don't need these people crawling over our glacial lakes, either.

Link | Posted on Jul 23, 2019 at 17:35 UTC

I've been to Easter Island, and its degradation is a multi-faceted problem. Tourists are a large factor, but others are unrestricted Chilean arrivals from the mainland, "homesteads" constructed by some Rapanui on designated parkland, and commercial schemes that are implemented with little thought to their environmental/cultural impact.

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falconeyes: It is good if Canon plans for this likely scenario ... to stay afloat and avoid shutting down their consumer camera business because of exploding deficits.

@MikeRan: Canon's consumer business has been in triage/cash cow mode for years now.

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matthias jurisch: Great presentation of the lost Amreican dream...with a revive of fantastic beyound the normal thinking photographers...btw, the Salton Sea is a fantastic area not to be outdone by any California me it would make sense if they built a pipeline from the rising ocean of the Pacific to the Salton really is possible...a salt water ocean in central California...

Trying to fill the Salton Sea with a pipeline from the Pacific would be a disaster if it worked, and foolish in any case. It's also in Southern California, not Central.

Link | Posted on Nov 30, 2018 at 01:17 UTC

I wonder if Digic 8 is able to overcome the noise issues that I've experienced with this 20MP sensor in the SX710.

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DP Review must really be hurting financially if they're reduced to publishing this drivel to meet their daily quota.

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biza43: Erez, these are very good photos. I love deserts, and even today I remember waking up in the empty Quarter of Oman with the dunes drowned in mist. Simply magical.

Oman's slice of the Empty Quarter is wonderful, but when I went there last year it was obvious that it would probably not stay empty for long. The government is pumping money into the road to Ubar and al-Hashman, and both locals and tourists are driving increasingly further out into the dunes from an increasing number of permanent camps, with all the litter and other problems that entails. If the road to Hashman is paved, which looks likely, it's all over.

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Keith Meinhold: I have the SX260HS. I was impressed with the little camera back then. In my observation it still easily outperforms my iPhone 6+ when you intend to print the results. Now this generation is seven years on, and it seems not much has changed except more megapixels, which to my mind probably hurts this camera’s image quality. Can it touch my RX1003? Not even close, but still outperforms my iPhone.

I can confirm that the jump from 16MP in the SX700 to 20 in the SX710 produced noticeably more noise. However, the new DIGIC8 chip may help in that regard here.

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cosinaphile: despite the wonderful shooting , and the creativity involved , after much reflection ill take a cup of the "cafe du monde " coffee \chickory blend instead ...

naaaah .... i love this ... about that coffee?

I laughed and groaned when I saw the Cafe du Monde can. Perfect hipster accoutrement.

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On article Sony announces Cyber-shot RX100 VI with 24-200mm zoom (740 comments in total)
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David Tallboys: Well it looks and probably is great but at over a grand I will stick to my Canon s120 and SX280.

Actually, if I am out walking wearing a jacket with side pockets I am finding a Fuji x100S in one pocket and the SX280 in the other pocket gives me a pleasant balance of weight and focal ranges.

I wish I could stick with my S120 forever, but the sad reality is that it will eventually die. The SX700 I bought as a replacement for my decentered SX280 has now decentered as well. It's a shame that cameras in those particular classes are no longer being made...

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Thoughts R Us: Google is a great company but they promise a lot of stuff that they do not deliver. There are a ton of ideas in the Google graveyard.

Then there are their products like Google Glass that they ship but fall far short of their promises.

I wonder how many wow ideas they showed this year will really show up or work as advertised?

What's worse are the services they release, then discontinue or destructively alter.

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Roland Karlsson: Maybe it is the same reason that they did not sell IR cameras. It was said that IR cameras could see through clothes. But this fantastic google software can automatically replace unseen things, so just ask the software to remove the clothes. Voilla! Nude pictures! And that we cannot have in prudent US.

Do you mean prudish?

Link | Posted on May 21, 2018 at 00:56 UTC

This shouldn't be surprising. Another feature thrown on Google's software funeral pyre.

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Jeff Fenske: To achieve this huge range, they use many multi-surface, specialty lens elements, and these probably have some POLYMER surfaces — unlike the stellar LX100 lens that uses ONLY GLASS elements. This is bound to make a significant difference in contrast and sharpness, but isn't mentioned in reviews.

Why is the Sony's RX10 IV so sharp in comparison, and has an even larger range? Perhaps they used more glass and less polymer.

That is a huge part of the problem.

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CAT Productions: I do still believe Flickr is viable. But I'd like to see more options in terms of layout. Not really a huge fan of the current format and actually preferred the old layout.

You mean the original layout and not the hideous gray interface they briefly rolled out, right?

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