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On article Adobe releases subscription-only Photoshop CC (397 comments in total)
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photokandi: What happends if your broadband goes down....Oh yeah you're screwed!

Ok, that makes more sense.

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On article Adobe releases subscription-only Photoshop CC (397 comments in total)

What happends if your broadband goes down....Oh yeah you're screwed!

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Reg Natarajan: With every camera capable of ISO 12800 these days, tripods are about as useful as slide rules to me. (I'll bet some of the younger people here don't even know what a slide rule is. Trust me, you're not missing anything.)

Oh Dear!

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Try explaining that purchase to the Wife!

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On article Photoshop CS6 Blur Gallery Tutorial (162 comments in total)

I think it needs fine tweaking cos from where I'm sat it looks awful!

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ZAnton: There is already Samyang 14mm f/2.8 for almost 1/10 the price.
Only real crazy techno-geeks will buy Zeiss.

Papparazzi, how old are you? What a ridiculous statement. & again you prob never even seen a TSE let alone use one!

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JesseBrennanPhoto: WOW, a lot of Zeiss haters. Having a ZF.2 100mp and having compared that to just about everything Nikon has in that range (I work at a camera store). The ZF has a much higher apparent sharpness because of the great micro-contrast, and due to the great color reproduction i find that i can shoot my cameras on the neutral setting and get great results where my Nikon glass needs a little push in the right direction in post. The build of the Zeiss really makes my Nikon glass feel like junk (and I do love Nikon lenses) but holding a 100zf and a 100mm nikkor the build quality is lacking by comparison. Manual focus lenses aren't for every type of photography but if you are manually focusing your Nikon lenses like I was, the Zeiss is a much better lens. Don't hate on Zeiss unless you have actually used and compared their products to the competition.

You are absolutely right in what you say, the haters have prob never even held one, never mind actually use one. This is the prob with forums, some people just accept what they read to be fact from someone else who read it somewhere.

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gordon lafleur: Good grief, how long can Zeiss rely on their name to sell their clunky, overpriced, and often inferior products to gullible amateurs. Tests comparing their lenses to the Canon and Nikon counterparts show that these lenses do not live up to their hype.

You've obviously never used the Zeiss 21mm then. Before making sweeping statements like that I suggest you give it a try, I'm quite sure you will be blown away. :)

Link | Posted on Mar 16, 2012 at 21:26 UTC
On article World Press Photo announces 2012 contest winners (168 comments in total)

Wow, what a set of depressing photos! Is there no joy in the World anymore? The winning shot is obviously set up.

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