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Klimt z: So far so good. Just what I want. Has a lot of the latest tech and a size weight vs IQ ratio that makes sense. Lens size nicely in proportion with body size. True size and weight advantages.
The real serious camera folks won't buy one. Adventurous folks will because the phone cam has revealed to them how great it is to travel light.
The tripod guys will never buy one but they never get far enough from the SUV to take a unique photo. The snarky ones will always need to display their beige Canon lenses, while the great fun is being had outside the envelope.
Maybe I will get a red one.
Hope it succeeds but who knows. Besides we don't want the back country to get too crowded

about those beige Canon lenses. did you know that 55% of the sport photographers dont even know sh1t about photography.. Big lowlight lens, speed, push the button... 8 to 10 fps... deliver the images and finished.. however.. thats the canon story !! this new keyword of nikon is nice, but prefer to see this system in high end pro material and not in toys

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RUcrAZ: I love the "refrigerator white" color and the nice, clean look. So much for visual impact, but as a machine that takes photos...with hardly any easy-operable controls....people that change lenses also want handy controls, I think.

this type of cameras is nice for amateurs and toy geeks.. for semi or professional use its basicly useless. Size Matters.. dont see myself shooting an important event with toys like this.. people will laugh there ass off..

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Jim Lowell: I think most here that bitch are Canon users. I use Canon DSLRs. Kudos to Nikon for trying something new. 10 years from now we won't be having to use those big heavy old 35mm dinosaur lenses we are using today and the typical DSLR format will be history.

@briarwoodsman Canon dude right ? can tell you something shocking.. Canon will quit making SLR within 5 years.. in quality they lost the cold war allready 5 years ago

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dont see myself using this on weddings and foto sessions.. size still matters, no matter what people say or think.. this system is nice for the show of amateurs and for people without that much imagination.. personaly i think that the mirrorless idea is great, but please.. build it in normal Camaras..
Nikon ? wake up !!!

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