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I had the FH100 and liked it a lot, so two weeks ago I found a cheap ZR100 and since I needed a pocket camera to replace a Sony HX9 I decided to give it a try. What an extraordinary camera ! Much better than FH100
The multi shot zoom mode is amazing, art HDR fantastic, really usefull best shot modes with multi shot technology that enhances low light. Stabilization is not the best but the camera is so fast that multi shot compensates for it, but stabilization improvements would be welcome.
When used in M mode with the excellent flash it really shines, and along with the very fast focus produced easily some of the best macros of my 40 years of photography, It's also very good for portraits and photos are full of details of skin and hair. Low light high ISO could be better but since I always carry a Fuji X10 that's not a big issue for me, but that's the weak point, other than that , extraordinary. Flickr has wonderfull examples. I would like to buy the ZR300 but where in USA ?

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max metz: Everyone has their own taste in photographic gear, though there are also image quality considerations when selecting equipment.

That said, a good photographer with an x10 will trance any Nikon or Canon below asp-c with kit lens - to do it you need to know your stuff, though the x10 is easily capable enough. Its a no holes bared photographers camera for a very low price.

If Canon aspc dslr users whinged continuously about near useless slow live view or Nikon equivalent users whinged continuously about not being able to have aperture changes reflected in live view without an exit and enter; we probably would not see all those wonderful challenge winning images associated with those stables.

Most traditional small Fuji owners wouldn't know a good camera if they fell over it, the x10 represents something completely foreign to their experience - its not a point and shoot, its a very complex professional camera capable of very professional results

Totally agree with you. I gave Canon , Nikon and Fuji a try, I actually bought the P7100, the G12 and the X10. Already sold the P7100 and today I sold my G12 too. It seems that some people can't accept the fact that this is such a good camera.
It seems that most of then never touched one. I just went outside and tried to produce orbs at night with car lights and light poles, not a single one in many modes and in pro low light mode the camera froze a speding car at night in a dark street, amazing. Other cameras won't produce any orbs but won't get that picture too.
Even if it was a camera that you could use only in low light situations it was worth the money and it works well in almost any situation. The Nikon P7100 and the G12 are cameras that for me only perform well in good light , kept my G12 a long time even with many design and performance flaws, and they are not cheap.
Funny that when other cameras produce an oval shaped white thing the name is flare.

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I've ordered the Fuji X10 and the Nikon P7100. I have also the G12 . The G12 is better than the P7100 and both are much, much inferior to the X10. I knew about the orbs but after reading so many angry comments and seeing the pictures I decided to give it a try. I managed to produce white orbs and black orbs as well as blacked areas but it's easy to fix and now I know how to avoid those specific situations when they might happen. I have some pictures where the problem appear and the next pictures not, after adjustments. Velvia color tend to produce then more, EXR modes (excellent) may solve it , increasing ISO a little bit too, and it's better after update. This camera has DSLR quality (bokeh and ISO) and the lens alone are worth the price. Excellent camera.
I have a magazine with a photo of a 80 ft Ferreti yacht in an advertisement and I found a white orb on a chrome plated rail !!
It's my first Fuji, if this was a faulty Canon (had many) would the fuss be the same ?

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