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  • Good starting point when converting from negative to positive in Photoshop:
    The orange film base should be black (after inverting) – so:
    1) invert image
    2) open curves adjustment
    3) select "orange...

  • They sure have some dirty icebergs in Greenland. Oh no – wait – it's been HDRed.
    Seriously: Why is it that the MAIN SUBJECT which sits in the GOLDEN RATIO sweet spot happens to be darker than...

  • And finally, to quote YOU:
    "I am sure that the people in the darkroom did some D&B along the way, but you will find it to be very consistent."

    You nailed it. __THIS__ is exactly what I was trying...

  • No. I didn't imply that HCB had to deal with criticism. Seems like you completely misread and therefore misunderstood what I said. I was talking about a THEORETICAL scenario. Misquoting only...

  • PDL
    I'm sure he still gave instructions to the lab about HOW to print them, possibly involving subtle D&B. James Nachtwey, as another example, certainly discusses the print and D&B techniques with...

  • Since DPR linked to his website, I couldn't resist and took a look at the "About Me" page.
    Same "HDR thing" happening there, in his profile picture: either the shirt is dirty, or it's bleached...

  • But even the great Cartier-Bressson would have had to deal with criticism, had he chosen to do his darkroom dodge-and-burn in a completely random way:
    "Right... Let's just brighten the sky on the...

  • It's not really about looking "real or not". It is indeed – as you say – about aesthetics. Question is: did the photographer REALLY want those bright/dark patterns on the path? Or did the software...

  • In this case, yes, I decry the HDR. Not because it's popular. But because the HDR software created an image that – once again – has a lot of "randomness" to it when it comes to the way "light"...

  • I really like the concept behind this – thanks for sharing!

    However: Your HDR-processed photo is a good example for what I think is wrong with most HDR: no matter what software is used, the image...

  • If it's not too late yet: Try the Mammut Trion-Pro. Same as you, I wanted to buy a Tilopa but after months of waiting for my order to be fulfilled I asked for a refund (which surprisingly was done ...
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