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On article Gear of the Year: Carey's choice - Canon PowerShot G9 X (128 comments in total)

Perhaps this article could be simplified to read "This camera is really small ..... I like a small camera featuring a 1" sensor".

So the real question is does the 10mm width difference make all the difference? Probably not as not many people would take the gamble of "putting this camera in a jeans pocket" It is just too tight and constricting having either camera in a jeans pocket, not to mention the frictional and torsional forces constantly applied.

I don't even put my cell in my jeans pocket.

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On article Gear of the Year: Carey's choice - Canon PowerShot G9 X (128 comments in total)
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Frank C.: My phone is thinner still, and it has a camera built in too! Thin + thin = thick & cumbersome, no? so will pass...


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On article New kid on the block: YI M1 review (702 comments in total)

Interesting Review ..... Had a look a the the RAWs ....... nothing wrong there at all. Looks just as good or better than my OMD. No mention of dynamic range... only that you can do 2EV on the shadow.... seems Oly cameras can do better .... why no comparison?

There is no IBIS .... but I wonder how a Panny IOS lens would work? Would it stabilize?

Autifocus may be crap partly because there is no stabilization, did DPreview try a pana lens wit OIS? Or autofocus might just be crap.

Manual focus wasn't mentioned .... if this camera had a easy manual focus with zebra striping maybe the autofocus might be good enough.

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zodiacfml: I prefer the first photo. Flash power should be controlled to ambient light.

The iPhone flash is horrid, the iBlazr is much better but that just may be the exposure settings.

Yes the first has the best balance but when you try to bring up the shadows on a tiny sensor, the results are predictably bad.

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On article Throwback Thursday: Casio QV-4000 (58 comments in total)

Actually this is a very insightful look at camera history and the developments behind the scene. Considering the dismal dynamic range, tiny lens, and other limitations, my Galaxy Note 4 takes fairly nice pictures. Apple too. There must be a lot happening behind the scenes. The panorama mode on the Note 4 is a miracle or ease and results considering its running on a low power android device.

The statement "Casio was only trying to answer a question we still haven't quite cracked: how do you help the average consumer take better photos? "

This is a rough goal to reach becasue the look of photos like keeps changing with taste, boredom and technology. When HDR images hit they were the rage and established a new look. NikTools did the same thing. Six months later people were screaming for it to stop ;)

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On article Ultimate OM-D: Olympus E-M1 Mark II Review (1228 comments in total)

I have an EM5 II so I really am not a potential customer.

That said, the author of this article needs to be very clear about the autofocus capabilities of this camera compared to both DSLR and the EM5 II EM1 I

The autofocus is a keystone feature that may separate this camera from the EM5 and make it even more competitive with comparably priced cameras.

This may be buried somewhere but it needs to be in the verdict. EDIT Its somewhat there in the autofocus section but the verdict doesn't really match that well

"Hybrid AF system is quick and generally tracks subjects well" isn't good enough IMO

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On article Ultimate OM-D: Olympus E-M1 Mark II Review (1228 comments in total)
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Mariano Pacifico: It is no wonder DSLRs sale is going down ... they are becoming more expensive for very little change. If they had slapped a red dot on it the price would have shot to Mars.

That is actually a very interesting question.

If there was a red dot on it, how high a price would the market bear and still sell significantly.

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Sirandar: Seems like a physics impossibility to me. Small blades, heavy body small battery, no mechanical advantage for steering as rotors too close.

And the vibration of having vans so close.

Amazing .... absolutely amazing ...... the video was careful to not show tight turns where more steering control is required but nonetheless those little drones are amazing tech.

The device in this article has much more challenges than the drone in your URL but still ....

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Seems like a physics impossibility to me. Small blades, heavy body small battery, no mechanical advantage for steering as rotors too close.

And the vibration of having vans so close.

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It is not very clear from this article.

Did these people enter the restricted area with the premeditated intent to induce significant damage to Yellowstone's Grand Prismatic hot spring or to photograph it illegally? Some natural areas are so fragile that it is impossible to not do significant damage, but even then intent and result are important.

Also, was significant damage done?

This information is worth reporting.

In the last case highlighted by Dpreview in Pacific City, Oregon, the persons involved trespassed a natural zone with the expressed purpose to destroy a natural landmark because they had previously trespassed there and injured themselves. Repeat offenders with intent. They also thought their destruction was so important they filmed it

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beavertown: I may consider Microsoft notebook as my future computer, one factor stops me from doing so is the vulnerability to viruses. Are there any MS Surface users who know if a surface book comes with a built-in anti virus program, I don't mean third party or trial version, I mean something like Apple does that will take care of it and you don't have to spend extra money to get an anti virus program.

In my experience in computer support, MS Security Essentials/WIN10 Defender protects the user fairly well from normal threats under normal use.

It does not protect users from themselves, especially from those tempting free programs that promise everything but are really malware. Also, if you plan on visiting the darker side of the net, it probably isn't sufficient.

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zeinali: I waited two years and my dream was UHS-II reader in Mac but now it is a nightmare.

"So your dream was a 2.5Gb/s connection where Apple put a passive 10Gb/s - active 40Gb/s connection ?"

To what?

Link | Posted on Nov 6, 2016 at 22:09 UTC

I am a little disappointing with dpreviews lack of journalistic integrity on this piece.

The title should be:

Apple temporarily cuts adapter and card reader prices to appease new MacBook Pro buyers.

LIMITED TIME is a very big part of actual story

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Kiwisnap: Here's a newsflash: photographers are probably nowhere near their largest market.....our needs are not likely to be important to them.

I am curious ..... pros cans often write off at least part of the price of a expensive laptop. Who for? .... university students with rich parents? Coffee shop exhibitionists?

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Azathothh: I'll just post this here:

Ummmmm .... that was vicious but funny,

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Slouch Hooligan: Ferrari 488 GTB: 661bhp, 205mph. ...
Ferrari F12 TdF: 770bhp, 211mph. ...
Jaguar Project 7: 567bhp, 186mph. ...
Lamborghini Aventador LP750-4 SV Roadster. ...
Lamborghini Huracan LP580-2: 572bhp, 199mph. ...
McLaren 675LT: 666bhp, 205mph. ...
Porsche 911 GT3 RS: 493bhp, 193mph. ...
Tesla Model S P85D: 691bhp, 155mph.

All that horsepower and NOT ONE of them comes with a buggy whip holder.
Deal breaker?
YOU decide!

Actually I think a buggy whip holder would be quite popular on those cars, but not for whipping horses.

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Strange,. When I played with one of my friends MacBooks I was very impressed with the MagSafe connection. I thought it was a great idea missing from MS laptops...

Why get rid of it?

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Mike Sandman: Yes, well... if you've traveling around with a laptop, it's a lot less cumbersome t have an integral SD card slot than it is to bring an SD card reader and cable with you. I think Mr. Schiller is being disingenuous. The decision was either an effort to reduce cost or to reduce thickness and weight, or both. Bad move. Apple should repent with the next MacBook Pro.

Actually it is to prevent people from using SD cards as extra storage

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tripler6: My thought is, you want to remove an "old" technology? Sure, go for it. What are you replacing it with? If the answer is "nothing", you're doing it wrong.

"By the way, the new Olympus E-M1 Mark II has an USB-C connection so for faster transfer it's better to connect the camera to the MacBook Pro instead of getting the card out of it"

I will believe that when I see side by side testing

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Jarpen: What if camera manufacturers will start to use internal (fast) storage instead of cards? Wifi implementation is spreading and argument against Apple decision will be eliminated soon. I used to have phones with memory cards until 2015. Now I transfer files wirelessly and sometimes through usb cable. I think the same pattern will follow in the camera industry. I bet Sony will be the first to offer 32GB, 64GB and 128GB models and so on.

New technology should be faster, consume less camera battery and be more secure.

Know of any current wireless transfer technology that fits that bill?

Can anything wireless ever consume less power than taking a card out of a camera and popping it into your PC. What happens if you have 64GB of pictures on your camera ..... how long will your camera have to be on and doing power intensive tasks to transfer 64GB?

Can wireless ever be more secure that SD?

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