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_P: Some people get wobble because A7 is being compared with DSLRs. Well, it has one of only handful of sensors capable of delivering high end results as far as IQ is concerned. Who cares if it has a mirror in front of it or not?

So let’s compare it with E-M1 in terms of everything else except IQ itself: ergonomics, lens lineup etc. What’s to compare???

Now, what would most people love, would be the E-M1 body/ergonomics/one-third-of-the-lens-choice-would-suffice with A7(r) sensor in it. THAT would have been a hit and a real blow into CaNikon duopoly!
In such case those wobbly people would be first ones to put it in a pole position with D800 and D5m3.

Anyone reporting his/hers amazement coming from personal A7 usage exclusively focuses on the IQ, ignoring obvious design faults. This is good enough indication for me to respect review findings. DPR has a duty to report and elaborate on every area where A7 excels and disgracefully fails. That’s what they did, and should be respected for.

I'm not sure why there's a concern for speed defaulting to 1/60. We can always use the speed priority mode and set the desired speed w/auto ISO or use the manual mode w/auto ISO.

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Sony RX1 has a focus peaking contrary to what people say. It just works a bit different from RX100, NEXs. In RX1, the focusing peaking becomes visible only in the magnification mode. That is, as soon as one rotates the focus ring, it automatically zooms and displays focus peaking.

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