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Eric Hensel: The 5n has the same video button issue, and the bracketing improvement would be nice as well

Agree. Spent all this money and cannot get an update on these two important features (for me that is). Must I buy another Nex so I can have these? I am a pensioner and cannot keep buying cameras!

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Malikknows: I've been lurking here now for several weeks, trying to decide to buy an X10 or X100 (or an X1Pro to replace my old Contax G2!), and have appreciated the discussion. I'm the rankest amateur and see the merit of both critics and advocates. Certainly the orbs are both real and unacceptable and need to be remedied. Even I can see that. Very disappointing that this firmware fix failed to do so. But I also see that Fuji is trying hard to innovate, and bring new technologies to the market very, very rapidly. The pace of technological change is quite breathtaking! They are clearly listening to their customers but struggling to execute. I have to side with a company that's investing, researching and trying to innovate. Perhaps I'm too easily pleased, but I look on the X-line of products, faults and all, with wonder and great anticipation. We are right to point out flaws and demand perfection, but I guess I'd like to see more charity and appreciation for the difficulty of the task.

I agree with your comments but Fuji literally spawns new models every six months. They cannot hope to field test them all and I think with all their efforts at R&D at least the higher end ones should be done.

Owners of X10's with the orbs are right to feel put out but being more charitable (perhaps less critical) has little place when one has spent over $600 on a defective item. I hope Fuji manages to fix it quickly.

You are not too easily pleased and I am glad there are people like you to give a more balanced view. Many comments by some members on these forums are quite unjustified and rude.

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Nice article - thankyou! I have a Sony Nex 5n coming. Can the HDR and DR functions on this camera supplant post editing in PS Elements 9. In other words does it make ND filters and post editing obsolete?

Could you explain the effects of other graduated colour filters such as Cokin graduated mauve, blue and sunset. I realise this is a subject for another article but thankyou again for this one.

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