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On article Sony's Mavica FD71 liked floppy disks, hated magnets (81 comments in total)

I recently bought an FD5 and an FD71 from Goodwill for $20.00... Will likely ebay off the FD5 because they seem to be commanding insane prices these days, but I'll hold on to the FD71 for my collection.

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On article 2017 Buying Guide: Best cameras under $500 (105 comments in total)
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BryceM: Where's the "best cameras under $200" with the Yashica-Mat TLR heading the list?

Paid "fiddy" for mine, and it's in cherry condition :-)

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On article 2017 Buying Guide: Best cameras under $500 (105 comments in total)

Where's the "best cameras under $200" with the Yashica-Mat TLR heading the list?

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Copyleft - Always... BTW - This one cracks me up: Some genius has posted a pirated version of the Creative Commons logo with "all rights reserved" :-)

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Reminder: This is rhe same publication that went on record calling Blake Shelton "the sexiest man alive"...

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Costing several times as much as a an actual Nikon F* from the 60s or 70s in excellent shape that has whatever combination of specs and features you might desire from manual to automagic... Not quite sure who the market his here? Those of us who still like shooting film from time to time mostly like doing so with old mechanical marvels of engineering magic that we found\hunted\traded\inherited\whatever because they meant something to us... The only folks buying these from Kickstarters are collectors speculating on the opportunity to snag a prototype of what will inevitably become a very rare and obscure camera in a very short while.

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On article Here's why your beloved film SLR is never going digital (289 comments in total)

It's always fun to put these kinds of predictions on the record, if only to refer back to them a few years or decades later after the seemingly insurmountable technical hurdles cited can be solved by any clever teenager using widely available components.

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On article Yashica is teasing a comeback to the camera market (299 comments in total)

Wake me up when thy're re releasing a DTLR... :-) Meanwhile, I'll keep playing with this one:

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How to shoot in North Carolina:

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I've seen plenty of great iPhone pics over the years, but never one that looked great without post-processing. The thought of all of those iClouds overflowing with terrible iPhone JPGs makes me weep for the future of photography.

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I just got done repairing my grandma's 1946 Brownie Target - Good as new! I have some Illford B&W 120 film loaded and am planning to shoot it this weekend at a family gathering for the first time since the '50s :-) Picture of it here, along with some of her snapshots taken with it:

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On article Leica chairman contemplates Leica smartphone (115 comments in total)

He's right that there's a ton of room for innovation in creating some kind of a "ILC system phone" hybrid. Smartphones have the processing power, connectivity, and ubiquity, but they're kind of stuck in a rut using microscopic sensors and 200 year old optic designs. Meanwhile high-end cameras need to duplicate all of that processing power and display hardware for their focus, imaging, and user interfaces, and then put out some crappy apps... Wasteful, and all integration attempts to date have been half-hearted, sad, and buggy.

Lots of room for a revolution here, but Leica is clearly not the company to do it. They've got some strong engineers and a strong brand, but Kaufman's $5,000 Leica Phone will not be a hybrid system that will revolutionize anything...

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BryceM: I'd still grab the Tokina 11-16 f/2.8 first. Amazing lens.

For me the extra 1.33-2.00 stops of light in the various Tokina WA lenses is indispensable. Same reason I skipped Nikon's older 12-24 DX lenses. The Tokina lenses seem to give a little more "Classic Chrome" style color rendition compared to the Nikkors, but I like it.

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I'd still grab the Tokina 11-16 f/2.8 first. Amazing lens.

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It demonstrates an impressive "Baghdad International Airport" take off and landing performance envelope... ;-)

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On photo 1st Photo in the Best gift ever! challenge (1 comment in total)

The SB-800 had a tungsten gel to match the ambient lighting.

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On photo Spy Kid in the My best picture this week (captured from Dec 31, 2011 - Jan 6, 2012) challenge (2 comments in total)

I should mention that it's only an unloaded BB gun she's holding :-)

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On article Fujifilm X10 Preview Samples Gallery (113 comments in total)

Meh... I guess I just saved me some money. Not enough of an improvement over my G11.

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On article Video Interview: Samsung at PPE 2011 (80 comments in total)

He kept emphasizing their "premium lenses", but as for their zooms, all I see are the same slow-ass zooms and 2.8 primes as the other guys. 2.8 is not fast for a prime.

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