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  • Replied in A good result.
    " Organizers of a self-described “free speech” rally in Boston Saturday were expecting to see a big turnout, with attendees from the same white supremacist groups that marched on Charlottesville ...
  • That is very revealing and confirms what your posts tell are a stealth Trumpster. You won't believe me, but I would like nothing better than for Trump to succeed as President.....after ...
  • Actually I did not know this. I never have paid much attention to Rev. Al. Another deflection to Obama/Hillary.....boy that ploy is getting really stale. Let me tell you: Obama is gone, Hillary is ...
  • Very nice Rene
  • You take Sharpton seriously? LOL Rev Al still owes a judgement against him from the Tawana Brawley case.
  • Perelman died 40 years ago. I did read one of his old pieces and yep, it was witty.
  • I don't think it started with the Nazis nor did I say so. You're back to your old habit of putting words in others just phrased it as a question this time. Marina in Germany said it, ...
  • Could be anything.  You just make sure your agenda wins the argument.  Sophisticated...I understand the Russian military funds this sort of thing. I admit it to be a very long shot....but do you ...
  • Can anyone guess who were they in their former life? They both joined this month within 5 days of each other. ....It's not likely but it occurs to me that they could be two id's from the same ...
  • Why would you think that?
  • Are people supposed to wait until the US white supremacists attain "Brown Shirt" status before speaking out?
  • Created discussion thread The "equally agressive" argument
    ...or "equally violent" " For those who do not know or wish to forget, the Nazis in Germany in 1930s also used the “both sides” argument when rioting and attacking Jewish citizens in the street. Th ...
  • "A lot of truth is said in jest."
  • Some people have little sense of humor....present company excluded of course.
  • It's satire.
  • Yes, they had to amputate his arm and he died from his wounds later. His arm is buried at Chancellorsville, his body 100 miles away at his hometown of Lexington, VA.
  • Created discussion thread DeVos on the Civil War
    WASHINGTON ( The Borowitz Report )—The raging controversy over Confederate statues has impelled Betsy DeVos to Google the Civil War, the Education Secretary confirmed on Thursday. “People have been ...
  • Created discussion thread Total eclipse explained, part II
    revised and expanded.. WASHINGTON ( The Borowitz Report )—Attacking the media for its “very unfair” coverage of Monday’s solar eclipse, Donald J. Trump said on Saturday that the sun was equally to ...
  • Apparently you have been caught in a lie. You cannot back up your claim.
  • Why would anyone care one way or another if you bought a new rifle? anyway I hope you enjoy it.
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