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Canon 40D, Sony RX100, iphone6

10-22, 15-85, 17-55, 24-105, 70-200 f/4L, 50 f/1.4

Enjoy life, my family & friends; take a few great photos and paint some nice watercolors.

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  • I don't agree with your statement.  It's way off the mark, in my opinion.  Lots of good stuff was discussed on the off topic forum and most of the bad actors there were ignored. Neither do I.
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    Yep, and it also may have been too much of a risk for Amazon who rightly didn't want to associate their name with some of the stuff posted there.....despite it generating an awfully lot of hits. I ...
  • I learned a lot on off topic...about a variety of subjects. ...although it was ruined by the folks who were banned and immediately came back with another id.. ...... there were also lots of very ...
  • If you don’t like it you can simply ignore don’t have to participate.
  • Created discussion thread Any news on the "off topic" forum?
    I rarely visit Dpreview anymore, I may have missed some news.
  • Iphone
  • I suggest that you are missing an essential element of art. I would add that art needs to invoke a response from the viewer, an emotion. It is not enough to just "behold" art. ...good art moves the ...
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    Without a doubt it's when I moved from film to digital. It revived my interest in photography which had almost died due to the demands of family and career.  The savings in dollars and in time and ...
  • I have used plenty of film in my day and I have developed and printed my own images using a darkroom.   That I prefer digital and a software darkroom does not make me a bigot nor does it make me ...
  • I don’t collect cameras,  I collect images... .,.not only my own photographs and watercolors but a few watercolor paintings.....especially from a very talented local artist. While one should ...
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  • Where's your gear list?
  • Try
  • "Some us forget that the mood or feeling one gets when looking at a photograph can be at least and often more important than technical excellence."
  • RIP .............Off Topic Forum.
  • I think he caught the moment (such as it was) because he had his iphone handy and was not joking at all. Some us forget that the mood or feeling one gets when looking at a photograph can be at ...
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    True. See below. Thanks for a thoughtful reply. However, this article is seven years old. TARP worked (so far)....There have been no further crashes since 2008. How could it ALL be a lie when it ...
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    Perhaps for routine stuff like weddings or group photos or buildings or pets or patterns.. ....... but don't forget that good photographers have the "eye" that sorts out from the enormous visuals ...
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    TARP stopped the bleeding, the bankruptcies in it's tracks. How can TARP be too timid, when in the end not all TARP money was needed. ...and btw, the gov. (taxpayers) actually made a profit on TARP. ...
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