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I just realized that the camera is designed only for ambient light. I tried to expose in manual mode with flash and the screen and viewfinder are black. In manual mode the screen/viewfinder shows the correct exposition for ambient light, but it does not work if I want to expose only the flash light. If someone know how to solve this issue please let me know. Don´t tell me please that this is it, and there´s no solution for that.

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On article First Impressions: Using the Fujifilm X-Pro1 (228 comments in total)
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charles6680: I have the chance to try the OM-D today and it is great in EVF refreshing rate. I panned the camera and found images transient very smoothly and seems even better than the NEX7. HOPE FUJIFILM can upgrade this in new firmware if it is possible. At the moment, I hate while I love the x-pro1.

In my opinion the size of the sensor is the main thing, 4/3 is a toy sensor and the stupid 4/3 proportion is only a problem if you intent to print your result, all papers comes in 3/2 proportion. That's why I agree with FTW. Is a bit stupid bild a system with such a stupid size/proportion sensor.

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RussellInCincinnati: Perhaps DPreview should note that this adapter does not cause the current Sony Nex cameras to enter their always-bright-viewfinder mode. This is in contrast to the behavior of a Nex with a Sony Nex flash attached. I.e. when a Nex flash is mounted and activated, the camera can automatically enter a mode where the viewfinder brightness is always reasonable, no matter what manual exposure settings have been made.

Yea, but without dioptries correction on viewfinder. I can't buy a camera without that!.

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Could somebody explain the differencies between this $80 adapter and all chiness adapters for $ 16 you can find in ebay? for me ther's no difference at all.

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