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  • http://lenspire.zeiss.com/en/wp-content/uploads/sites/2/2016/04/en_About-the-reduction-of-reflections-of-camera-lenses.pdf see page 35ff: The term used today for reflection - reducing coatings is “ ...
  • That are the dreams of us Pentax users, reality shows that may be they dont loose money on the other hand they dont earn money. It`s not only Sigma but also Zeiss and Voigtländer. I also think that ...
  • Replied in Sigma pleaaaaase
    So I`ll start :-) Dear Sigma-Marketing, don´t forget us Pentax users, beside my Sigma K-Mount lenses 50/1,4 and 85/1,4 8-16 / 18-35 / 50-500 I`m interested in your new lenses. So please reconsider ...
  • So would you make Special orders to customers who didn't buy your regular stuff? Zeiss needed years to clear the shelves with lenses in Pentax mount. So we have to accept that there was not ...
  • I talked to German Zeiss Reps years ago, as they had a nice offer for the Pentax customers but the Pentax customers have not enough money for Zeiss (and Voigtländer, Tokina, Tamron....) and I ...
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    Placed 20th in the challenge.
  • +2 Wifi control for AF or a feature for automated focus stacking what would be very helpful in high magnification macros. O-board flash is a must as well as tiltable LCD
  • that`s why I hope the successor of the K3II will have again a built in flash. A flash helps to make pictures, GPS doesn´t!
  • Replied in lightning
    Hi, you managed a beatiful lightning on the bugs. Could you tell alittle how you created that? Best Lothman
  • The bayonet ring is easy no need to discuss about that. But you forgot the aperture mechanism, what has to be done individually for the Pentax version . Or would you beside you buy a xxx-xxxx$ ...
  • Zeiss offered High End lenses for Pentax PK but too few bought them. It took years to clear their shelves with the last copies of PK-Versions. Why do you blame Zeiss and not the Pentax customers? ...
  • The Sigma is HSM, at least mine ;-)
  • I had the Fa 50/1,4 and now the Sigma (FA new, Sigma used). Sharpness and contrast wide open is clearly better with the Sigma.
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