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I don't use and don't give a DAM. I tried to reload the latest LR which installed OK as a clean install but as soon as I started to create a new catalog it started creating the catalog on the C: partition which is my system partition. It also started creating a cloud folder to sync on my C: partition. I kept trying to delete it but it kept coming back. F U Adobe, my 23 year old relationship is OVER. take your product and shove it.
What happened to the old setup routines that let you put your data files on different SSD or HDs.

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But they don't have the guts to post a trial version.

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YUCK! That hurts my eyes.

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I also really enjoyed my Xg and within the limitations of the sensor resolution I got two years and a half of excellent images from it. After I purchased my Canon 10D I gave it to a hiking friend who still uses it. The major problems as I see it is the crappy software that was prevalent in that time frame. I have recently gone back in my archives and reprocessed the images with the latest DXO and CaptureOne and the images I think are as good as my Samsung S4 images. Granted it's not a Canon 5DSR, but then again the 5DSR won't go in my pocket.

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They need to move the speaker to the top so a finger does not cover it when holding the unit

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I shoot 95% landscapes and have a good collection of Canon EF "L" lenses but the lens that stays on my 5DS R is my 28-300 shot on a tripod. I carry an RX100M3 in my pocket for casual use. With the advent of image processors like CaptureOne V10 or DXO V11 one lens per camera becomes more capable. The FE 24-70 is the only lens on my Sony A7RII.

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As a programmer for many years, memory leaks denote a p**s poor programmer and poor QC. Inexcusable.

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One of the major problems of film was controlling processing temperature. Color required 68deg F +/- 2 deg. as I remember. Before air conditioning and refrigeration to enclose your developing tanks getting accurate fluids was next to impossible unless you had a lot of money. Winter worked better. The AA darkroom video did not address how he solved the temp problem.

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I solved the problems of Nikon. I dumped ALL of my Nikon gear. With no regrets.

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Now Canon needs to give us the same quality glass at 24mm than I'll jump on the bandwagon. Actually now that they have the blue filter worked out they need to add it to all their lens.

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Now the next step is needed. Combine the multi-shot with focus stacking and this would become a real winner for the landscape tripod shooter.
Since Photoshop added the focus stacking 90% of my landscape images are focus stacked.

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OrlandoPete must belong to the spray and pray clan. I am of the other end preferring 2 FPM with RAW only.

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Where in the H**L is the support for their $8,000 dollar 1DSIII. What a bunch of crappy support. Many of us saved and scrimped to purchase this great camera only to be left by the wayside.

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