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If it is good optically then a nice addition, travelling with the 10-18 OSS and the 18-135 OSS would be a versatile 2 lens solution

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Apple needs to spend more time thinking about it's original user base, or lose it, think of function and not just aesthetics. It can't rely on iPhone sales for ever. Of course it is perfectly possible to build your own hackintosh if you need a versatile, upgradable desktop Mac without paying the silly prices

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I have the Sony FE 35 2.8 lens, now if Samyang had made a nice compact and affordable 20 or 24 mm 2.8 lens AF lens I might be a bit more interested.

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chris boettcher: I have to say that in terms of IQ, the A6300 is not a big step up from the NEX-7 body. I bought the A6300 and used it for about a week, shooting a variety of subjects side by side with my NEX 7s, using the same lenses on both cameras. I really wanted to like the new model, but besides the menus being much more accessible and rational, and the quicker autofocus, I thought the ergonomics had actually taken a step backwards. It feels more like a brick than the NEX7 and has a less secure handgrip profile. It just doesn't feel right to me. In terms of APSC IQ nothing is as good as the Sony APSC sensor and their image processing engine. I tried out the Oly EM1, the Pen-F, the Lumix GX8 and the GX7. There is a lot to like in those cameras: In body stabilization, good ergonomic design of the dials and buttons, nice prime lenses too, but the bottom line is that their image quality is not as good as the Sony's either the NEX7 or the A6000-A6300.

I rather agree with this post. I really liked my NEX-7 and got some great images with it. No doubt the a6300 has many benefits and I will keep it, but it is brick like compared to the more elegant and pleasing design of the NEX-7

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A rather devalued company now. I was an art director from the eighties to nineties and Polaroid was used by every professional photographers studio to check composition and lighting, those 10"x8" polaroid backs on Sinar or similar view cameras were amazing also. I've kept the beautifully produced Polaroid professional magazines that I was sent when working for O&M, full of wonderful images taken by top professionals using Polaroid materials.

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And a dedicated stills DSLR camera also, not sure why I need to pay for video technology in modern cameras when it has no interest for me.

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elsen029: Suits them well!

but... ' Both were sentenced to 7 days in jail, fined $2,000 and ordered to perform community service for Yellowstone Forever.'

Forever? Life long community service?

Got off lightly when you hear of what has happened to some people after straying off of the board walks in thermal areas, pot roast comes to mind.

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I suppose like most tools it is how you use them that counts, but my fundamental criticism is that I don't find the masking that good on complex objects like trees. NIK were clever at masking for local adjustment, a pity they never developed an intuitive stand alone masking tool.

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Sad news. Luminous Landscape used to be a must visit for over sixteen years. Loved Michael's approach to reviews and his articles, as they were always so well written, engaging and with good humour. He will be missed.

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I've used NIK for years now and already have the free upgrade from Google that they offered existing users some time ago. Google purchased NIK to get hold of Snapseed that they dropped soon after acquisition for desktop use, continuing as a mobile app. Leaving the development of the other NIK applications in limbo. The good news is the NIK applications are still very useful.

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On article Sony Alpha a7 II Review (856 comments in total)

So using the compare mode, The A7II shows image quality in RAW mode is not as good as the original A7! This review needs updating on RAW image quality with the latest firmware. But I suppose like Ming the Merciless the review was only the play thing of the moment.

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Glad I've always used Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. The high-end Apple hardware is also too expensive now, and the affordable not very upgradeable. My next Mac will no doubt be a Hackintosh.

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Nice surprise for a change, got email offering free upgrade, and the apps now work in Lightroom, Aperture, Photoshop, where as my previous version was for Lightroom only, I must say I prefer to use them with Photoshop and layers.

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On article Photoshop Gradient Tool: Blending Images (217 comments in total)

One of the best uses of layer masks is selectively combining different exposures of the same scene to achieve a natural looking HDR image, without the overblown look of HDR software and tone mapping.

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On article Photoshop Gradient Tool: Blending Images (217 comments in total)

I've used layer masks for blending for some time now, but have always used feathered brushes set to 10% of black or gradients of black to transparent, so the introduction of white is new to me, will give it a go.

Thanks for an interesting article.

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Yes I would like to be clear on what 'as well as a number of other improvements and bugs fixes' were, from the list most of the improvements were implemented in 1.01. Perhaps these have been further enhanced, no doubt we will never know. Still not having to wait an age for SEL1650 to retract is an instantly obvious improvement.

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But no optical stabilisation. So no great incentive to replace the already good 19mm and excellent 30mm (on NEX). The 60mm (pity not a tad longer) would have benefited from stabilisation. Now I would be pleased if Sigma produced a 12mm f2.8 for NEX.

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Good - black seems to rule now, wonder if we will see an updated 16mm pancake. The 20mm will have to perform well to be a better buy than the Sigma 19mm. Now sony how about a couple more primes, a 70 to 90mm with macro focusing would be nice and an ultra wide prime without a Zeiss price tag.

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Despite the changing times, before the advent of online sales Jessop's was responsible for the demise of the local camera shop. Their huge expansion programme saw the local camera shops taken over and staffed with cheaper, younger and less knowledgeable staff. I've done my best to avoid Jessops since then and I used to work near the New Oxford Street head branch, opposite Jacobs which sadly went last year and whom I will miss much more.

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