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The T-90!!! Warmed my heart.
Thank you, Barney!

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Clyde Thomas: Olympus OM-1. Still, by far, the largest viewfinder I've ever found. No other 35mm format camera even comes close. The OM-1 viewfinder is more the size of a Fuji GX680 with prism.

I heard a fun story once that OM (and Pen) designer Yoshihisa Maitani created the OM-1 viewfinder, with Zuiko 55/1.2, as a combo specifically designed to emulate the perspective of the human eye. This allowed the photographer to leave both eyes open in vertical portraits and realize the same projection. Whether that story is true or not, I must say it was a joy to use, and made the camera feel to disappear between photographer and subject.

I've also always missed the shutter speed dial around the lens mount, with aperture control in front of focus ring. Photographer never had to remove finger from shutter button just to change settings.

Yes! Still have the OM1 (n) and the 55/1.2. I think it has a radioactive element, the lens has a yellowish tint. The om1 viewfinder is brutal and I would not recommend it for sensitive eyes. It is really eye-pokingly bright. Magnification ratio of 0.97. Sheer madness. Compared it to the canon eos 1ds mark ii viewfinder. The canon viewfinder feels a bit tunnel vision-ey. My first digital camera was the canon powershot pro 1 from early 2004. Still in perfect working order, a friend of mine uses it.

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LJ - Eljot: Medium Format? I thougt they allready make a MF-System. As far as I know the Hasselblad H-System is made by Fuji.

I think Fuji manufactures only the lenses, Hasselblad maintain that they design them. Bodies and sensors - not the foggiest.

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Jonathan Mac: I love my Pentax cameras and the wonderful primes, but I can't help but be jealous of the X-mount line-up. The primes they're making look great.

If your primes have aperture rings you could use them with Fuji x bodies, also with speedboosters. The 77/1.8 limited becomes two lenses on Fuji, with conventional and with focal reducer adapters.

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Canon have obviously created a masterpiece but it has not prevented them from being idiots. Is it so hard to implement an accessory port for EVF in leiveview mode. Leica, which could be called anything but titans of innovation in digital tech, have the MP typ 240 with rf viewfinder, good lcd and an evf port. Canon's liveview is superb, it was superb in 2007 on the 40d, the shutter is almost vibration free. Third party suppliers offer all sorts of gadgets to be attached to the LCDs and still there is no eye level evf. WTF!?

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