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I can imagine turning up to a place to take a picture at a particular spot because I saw it on the internet and want to take one of my own, only to say, "Ugh, there is an ugly chain fence here!!". This tech will be a bit of both good and bad, depending on who you are I guess.

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sirhawkeye64: This has me thinking about starting to document life in general, with a camera. Not everything like those crazies on FB or Twitter, where they are posting 10 pics every day of their daily lives, but documenting photographically events, places, people, etc. Who knows, perhaps decades later, your photos might be the ones (like these) that people look back on and appreciate for capturing what may have been a minor moment in history, but later is realized to be a real turning point in history.

I agree. In a few years people are going to tire of all the supposedly "candid" shots on today's social and crave real shot of what daily life looked like in the early 21st century.

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On article Ming Thein joins Hasselblad as Chief of Strategy (346 comments in total)

I love Ming's blog, his photos and his videos. Wishing him the best in his new position.

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ozgoldman: Well to be honest, those colours do not resemble anything remotely Australian. Give it some green and gold, or some red ochre, and you might start to hit the spot.
Nothing there to turn my head, and I'm true blue Aus.

I'm with you. Even though I'm from the Sunshine Coast in QLD, when I think of Australia I usually think of the desert/outback areas more than the sea. Some red ochre of even some browns would have been much more appropriate. The current design says nothing to me about home.

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Betico: I wonder where in the USA he purchased his trademark blue French work jackets.

According to Bill (on a Youtube clip I saw, maybe the movie about him) they were just the jackets that the rubbish collectors in New York wore. He liked them because the cameras would catch on stuff and rip everything to pieces which he obviously wanted to avoid if he were wearing expensive stuff. I think he said the blue jackets were about $20 each and could be replaced easily.

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Noverdose: Put your wallets away, people. I hear Trump ordered all 10 of the gold ones.

Yep, because they would be perfect as hair rollers!

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On article PIX 2015: Brian Ach and getting the right shot (31 comments in total)

People have often spoke about context, but I've never really understood what he meant. Brian in the video said, "The ultimate fantasy shot is the Pope next to a Yellow cab in front of the Brooklyn Bridge". Finally I get it.

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Well, I'm looking at the skin colour of that hand and it doesn't look exactly right, rather pallid and dead. I think the artists need to work on it a little more, else we'll be getting a flood of zombie jokes.

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I saw this picture many years ago, and the question I have always wanted answered was, who was the man that fell? Everyone knows the picture and the photographer, but I doubt anyone knows/remembers the man. That is something I find incredibly saddening.

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On a photo in the Pentax K30 Preview Gallery sample gallery (6 comments in total)

That is just insanely beautiful.

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On photo IMGP0585 in dpreview review samples's photo gallery (6 comments in total)

That is just insanely beautiful.

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On article Is Instagram 'debasing photography'? (291 comments in total)

I don`t like Instagram, most of the colours in the photos seem very unrealistic to me. But then again, that is just what I like and obviously a whole pile of other people think differently to me (plus I`m definitely no pro).

Having said that, I do have an Instagram account to help advertise my blog, and from that angle it seems useful for me.

But with this article, it just seems to be another case of ... if it isn`t what I had when I was younger, it can`t be as good syndrome. How many arguments have we seen over the years, cricket, tennis, baseball legends etc. The older players are often thought to be better by older people. Just my opinion :)

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