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Excellent addition to the quality manual lens lineup available to E-mount, and the necessary contacts are there too. I wish the focus throw were identical to that of its M-mount analog. Be that as it may, thumbs up to Cosina.

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Boss of Sony: Why doesn't the X-T4 have that beefy grip? A decent grip makes a camera so much nicer to hold and use, and the camera even feels lighter.

I very much prefer cameras with a shallow grip - but in this day and age, it actually should be possible to make them modular and optionally 3D-printed to perfectly suit the user.

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AdrianTWQ: I want a TG880 with a 1" sensor.

And the option to attach a quality EVF.

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OremLK: I actually think this is a neat concept as a complement to a smartphone camera to just carry with you everywhere, but it's way too expensive for that purpose. If Canon could have found a way to get it out there at $199 I could maybe see it.

With a somewhat larger sensor, it would be really neat at 299 USD.

Even better: make it modular with a choice of lens/sensor combos, batteries, and high/low quality EVFs. Could actually imagine having two of these if the quality is right. A matter of time?

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Old Cameras: Too cheap. Should be $15K so it competes with a Leica M with lens included. If you’re going to sell a ridiculous camera at a ridiculous price, do it right.
Now get started on those special editions!

Just wait for the specious edition that'll autopost kitten pics to your accounts. And meow when you caress it. I do hope to see more connected cameras based on an open operating system.

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mahonj: It is a pity you can't buy the equivalent of the old 28mm F2.8 cheap wideangle lens that they used to have for SLRs.
Key words here are F2.8 and cheap. (might have been F3.5).
You could even allow manual focus and have a click stop at the hyperfocal distance.
Needn't be expensive.

You can - it took me a while to find a nice, vintage and utterly diminutive Olympus OM 24mm f/2.8 to complement my 85mm f/2, but the combo works for me on a "classic" Sony A7 sans any sensor mods. Especially when paired with a third prime of my liking.

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Thumbs up for a very good choice of motives to judge this lens by.

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Anastigmat: So, camera makers got rid of the mirror and shortened the lens to sensor distance to make the camera more compact, and then they put that massive hand grip in to make the camera easier to hold. So, why do I bother getting a mirrorless camera if it is about the same size and price as a DSLR.

The chief reason I continue to use my "classic" Sony A7 paired with compact manual lenses. It's exactly what I want as a daily sidekick walking downtown.

And in these days of cheap and pervasive 3D-printing, custom modular grips should be the norm anyway.

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AbrasiveReducer: Imagine being in a camera store checking out a Nikkormat, a pefectly capbable but ridiculously heavy mid-priced SLR. The salesperson shows you a OM-1 that does all the same things (but with changeable screens and optional motors) and the Olympus weighs half a pound less.

Well, that was impressive. But the real bonus was that they made excellent small and light lenses to match. And they managed to do all this using metal, not space age material.

I'm still using some of those wonderfu llenses - see above. And my original XA remains in working order - i dearly wish Olympus had come up with a modern equivalent.

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Sergey Borachev: I still remember the shock and envy of a Nikon user in the 70s when he looked at my OM camera with the 85mm f/2 lenses when we went for some portrait shooting. He thought it was a standard lens (50mm). The camera and lens weighed about half of what he had.

Unfortunately Olympus has gone totally lost once Maitani left. 😔

I still use that 85mm f/2 regularly with great joy and satisfaction on a "classic" Sony A7 (which remains unique).

In fact, bought one in reserve. It renders beautifully, is quite sharp, wonderful to use, and compact to boot. Paired with the ostensibly pedestrian 24mm f/2.8 (a tiny lens that simply delivers), I can add something* in between and have wide-ranging photographic fun in the best Maitani style (his favorite was the svelte 40mm f/2 that was designed to be slipped in a pocket).

I also regularly paired the vintage manual half-frame PEN lenses with an Olympus E-P5 - a wonderful combo, given the addition of modern image-stabilization. After 50 years, the ones I bought on ebay were still in excellent condition. In fact, the original PEN cameras absolutely belong on the list of classics.

*not necessarily from Olympus - have built up a wide selection.

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I'm hoping for a digital Olympus XA.

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Digimat: i am with you, a 20mm, 35mm and 85mm in around f3.5 to f4 that i can slap on my EOS R for traveling would be a no brainer if the trio can be had for ~250€ a lens and not be much bigger and heavier than the f1.7 m43 zuikos. i really dont get why this is not on the market. dont want to buy a whole second system with different ergonomics etc. just for everyday use

I've been using old Olympus lenses with my "classic" Sony A7. A 24mm f/2.8 and 85mm f/2.0, paired with something inbetween. Ideally a compact 45mm give or take - current favorite being the excellent and pretty modern Konica M-Hexanon 50mm f/2.0. Though my old pre-AI Nikkor 35mm f/2.0 OC. renders like a dream at the cost of some sharpness.

A set of compact, modern primes (can be EUR 500+ each), preferably with a fully manual option (though connected with the camera for data) would be fantastic. Leica has some f/2.4 primes that are neat, though the focus throw is too narrow.

Of course, Fuji has that covered. I've been eyeing the systems (big and small).

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TorsteinH: All of this cameras are by far to large and heavy for all but professionals, semi-pros or weightlifters. 😎

There's always the classic Sony A7. I'm still very happy with mine - if they'd update the sensor and ancillary electronics, I'd be liable to buy it all over again.

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Anfy: I had them all - minus the 18 mm "Pan Focus" - plus the Soligor teleconverter. When I switched to larger sensor size cameras from micro 4/3 I got "rid" of the whole bunch, but they were real cuties.
Another set of lenses I currently own are the Olympus (original) Pen 38mm, 40mm, 42mm ecc... little big gems.

The original Olympus PEN lenses are so well built and nice to handle! Plus they deliver good image quality. I have almost all of them, but mostly used the "simple" 38mm on my E-P5.

The Konica M-Hexanon 50mm augmented by an Olympus OM 85mm and 24mm have now taken over their respective duties on a somewhat larger format dating from 1927.

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On article Hands-on with Olympus' tiny 12-45mm F4 Pro lens (199 comments in total)

Very useful little lens. I applaud making it a PRO. A weather-and-sweat-sealed, disc-shaped camera with a small e-paper touchscreen for controls and snap-on, tiltable EVF would complement it perfectly. Deep menu dives would happen on the smartphone.

Maitani's favorite OM lens was the diminutive 40mm f/2 that one could slip in a pocket. I wager he'd like this one.

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Very good Canon, keep on thinking and experimenting and also releasing a few of those concept cameras while learning from failures and successes. Something will stick. Even somewhat larger sensors have become so cheap that the idea of interchangeable lenses could become niche - just grab another lensor orb and an EVF.

Olympus, are you watching? Where did your inner Maitani go?

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fferreres: The lens needs to score well in resolution in the corners. That's a primary metric today. It needs to do it at the widest apertures, as MTF and tests will place big weight on that. It needs to be cheap to manufacture and a lot of the elements/design gmay go into mangling light so that it falls from not very steep angles ...

Did anyone investigate how telecentric this lens is (or how much light angle of incidence has been reduced vs previous lenses)? I guess a lot of the effort may have gone into how to make a wide, quite fast lens on a sensor that just ask for the opposite. This would explain to a large extent:

- Why in spite of a lot of room for corrections it still is very uncorrected
- Why it costs more than many other FE primes
- Why it ends up with a rendering that is just "ok"
- Why it was delayed so much as Sony probably knew this was not good enough

Is there ANY lens with such close distance from rear element to sensor that does much better?


"Well... we haven't reviewed that many 35mm lenses (or lenses at all) recently :)"

Indeed. I should report you! Thanks for all the detailed input.

Wouldn't mind some fun reviews of adapted classic manual focus lenses either. This one reminds me of my cherished two [yes] pre-AI Nikkor O.C 35mm f/2s - but with added sharpness.

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mferencz: What is the purpose of this lens. Other than an exercise in making it that is?

When you can't see the bokeh for the blur.

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I'm fascinated by Leica's diminutive latest Summarit series lenses with f/2.4. If someone like oh say Voigtlander would kindly make a similar set in 24/40/85mm focal lengths, that would be an instant buy.

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I'm now far more interested in smartphone camera advances than any other photographic equipment, price almost be damned. About that hotshoe and high-res EVF...

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