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why over-price [mirrorless] then crash. Why not price it correctly? Open Talk Jul 4, 2016
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Dp2 (classic) vs. dp2 Quattro Lo-res mode Sigma Camera Talk Mar 27, 2016
Sigma cameras, and why they are sub-par. Sigma Camera Talk Dec 31, 2015
Studio Comparison between Alpha A7r and DP2 Merrill Sigma Camera Talk Oct 24, 2015
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X3F Tools and Kalpanika - release 0.53 (part 2) Sigma Camera Talk Aug 14, 2015
Cell phone lens are of a higher quality than camera lens.... Open Talk Aug 8, 2015
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DP2M - 'Foveon look' still relevant today? Sigma Camera Talk Jul 25, 2015
X3F Tools and Kalpanika - release 0.53! Sigma Camera Talk Jul 21, 2015
Conspiracy Theory Sigma Camera Talk Jul 19, 2015
Cameras with that certain 'magic' look to the files? Open Talk Jul 12, 2015
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SPP 6.3 and dp0 Quattro promotion movie released ~ Sigma Camera Talk Jun 20, 2015
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Can Canikon make money on smartphones? Open Talk Apr 17, 2015
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Layer RAW balance: SD1M, SD14, SD9 Sigma Camera Talk Mar 23, 2015
Frequent visitor, it seems DPxM cameras are just as good... Sigma Camera Talk Mar 19, 2015
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Olympus pixel shift technology: death of the Foveon? Sigma Camera Talk Feb 21, 2015
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