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1Dx4me: although prices of SSDs have come down quite a bit compared to years before, but i still think they are higher $ per GB compared to HDs. i am sure that'll change for the better, soon! i really like the reliability of the SSDs. if only these SSDs could be used to transfer data directly from the camera without a need for a laptop or tablets!

The price drop has stalled recently as there is a shortage. They predicted that memory prices will increase soon.

I agree with the idea. Simple external storage doesn't seem compelling these days. I've seen some with built-in Wi-Fi, card reader, USB, and battery large enough for charging a smartphone/camera.

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Sdaniella: vast majority of 4k (3.8k) uhd content creators produce videos watched by web surfers at 1080p60, or 1440p60 at best, and rarely 2160p60

at 1080p60 (1.9k), its 4k IQ is lost, but only looks better than regular 1080p30

at 1440p60 (2.5k), its 4k IQ is noticeable over 1080p60, and nearly indistinguishable from 2160p60 for MOST viewers, as only a few would surf the net with a full 4k (3.8k) monitor

This is an action camera. It could use all the speed. Footage can be slowed down to 60fps or 30fps for some scenes.

There are plenty users in YouTube using Red cameras and image quality is apparent even at 1080p

The cameras ability doesn't need to match online streaming specs.

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On article iPhone X vs. Samsung Note 8 (370 comments in total)
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omeneo: This is nonsense:

"The iPhone X's wide gamut OLED is the most color accurate device on the market, partially thanks to iOS' internal color management but also because of display calibration. "

a) It has only been announced, with no detailed screen tests available.
b) Even if that statement had some test established basis, there is missing "mobile" next to the word "device" so the statement has any sense, because there are zero chances that any consumer device has superior performance to professional reference displays for post production.

This can be interpreted as either a clumsy formulation or Apple marketing at work and in both cases it damages DPreview credibility.

Same here. This is the BS in the article.
Aside from that, Samsung has been producing accurate displays for a long time already (if the user knows what he's doing). The iPhone's X OLED display is sourced from LG and the performance might be similar or close to the one seen in the V30.

I am intrigued with that HDR capture and display though. An HDR display remains unused if user created content can't utilize it.

I also have no idea which phones has the possibility to select a color space in Android phones for stills/video capture.

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The images are pretty impressive considering it was built in the 1990s.

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I have little idea here but the images do seem better. I can't wait to see more samples.
Recent MF CMOS cameras doesn't tickle me in terms of image feel as they look too digital or similar to smaller formats but only gains in resolving ability.
But this one kinda reminds me of those CCD and older Foveon sensors.
I guess all it takes is a better filter then sacrifice high ISO. It seems that manufacturers are achieving higher sensitivities with less discriminate filters.
I also wonder why smartphone sensors can only do with faster shutter speeds in bright light compared to larger cameras with similar aperture.

I hope DPR could dig deeper into this.

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No competition. Period. Unfortunately, it has a negative effect on the price.
I wouldn't mind the price if i can use this most of the time. Most gadgets these days are lightly used except those used professionally.

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heavymeister: Why the heck couldn't they get rid of the camera bump? They just need to make it a bit thicker, which would also make more room for a bigger battery and you get a flat backside. I really would like to give the designers some slaps on the back of their heads to enable logical thinking.

Judging from the front lens element, they truly went with a larger sensor. Aside from that, both cameras in the X have OIS. Google's Pixel smartphone doesn't a hump despite using a quite large camera sensor but doesn't have OIS.

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Interesting. Sigma could take a hint for their Photo Pro software.

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Michael Long: Because criminals these days often resort to tripod mounted weaponry...

lol. thinking the same thing! i think they have thought of it as an automatic weapon!

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nir-vana: It could have been better if they upgraded the camera to the 1" of the P4P.

Exactly. Losing one axis of stabilization has a small effect but I'm pretty fine with it. The 1080p60 of the Mavic is also useless which got fixed by the Platinum. The loss in resolution, for me, is small. Mavic users swear that the 2.7k resolution is as good as 4k so I left that setting on my Mavic.
I could also see a benefit for USB charging on the Spark for emergencies unlike with the Mavic where I should be close to an AC outlet/car.

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Are they for real? Their MSRP is more expensive than an S7 or S7 Edge!

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I expect it to perform like the alternative drones. The Spark, I expect, has an edge in many aspects especially stability of the footage. We will see.

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zodiacfml: Nice specs. I have no complaints except the their insistence with a small sensor camera! Dynamic range will be slightly worse than the G6 as the sensor is slightly smaller and the lens is brighter. A quite large sensor is possible on a dual camera setup as we have seen from the Note8.

You got me thinking, will it be possible for Google to implement that? I mean, Asus was able to using 1/2.5" sensors but with lenses with OIS and f1.7

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On article Ricoh Theta V hands-on (30 comments in total)

I wonder why no camera manufacturer expanded into smartphones. There is still a lot of room for improving smartphone cameras. While they do that and parts become cheaper, they might be able to finally use smartphone hardware into digital cameras

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What is the value over an OTG thumbstick drive?
It could have been Wi-Fi capable, making the backup automatic and wireless. I have seen many wireless storage but all use a hard drive which is larger, uses more power, and fragile.

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Haven't flown the Mavic in months nor receive updates. Is this image quality issue with 1080p60 resolved already?

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nir-vana: It could have been better if they upgraded the camera to the 1" of the P4P.

I agree. It is difficult to justify the higher cost of the Mavic over the Spark with the same camera hardware.

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Am I looking at a phone from 2014?

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T3: These are great looking cameras. I have a female friend who's never owned an ILC in her life, and she bought an E-M10 MKII a few months ago. The size, styling, and performance are perfect for her. It fits in her purse! She loves it. When I asked why she didn't get a DSLR-- even a "small" DSLR like a Canon Rebel-- she said, "Too big, too ugly." Yep, we have to remember that a lot of people now think that even smaller DSLRs are "big" cameras. We're living in the age where most people would much rather have a stylish 13" MacBook Air than 15" ugly-ass Dell business laptop. DSLRs are kind of the 15" Dell business laptops of the camera world now. Great for people who want the "business" look, but not so attractive for the younger generation of users growing up with Apple laptops and smartphones.

True. I've seen the Fuji to be popular with women.

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"image quality is largely unchanged, though you will be able to apply a new Bleach Bypass Art Filter to your images." and " burst shooting gets a smidgen faster: up to 8.6 fps compared to 8.5 fps.

LOL. You crack me up.

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