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Wow. They are brilliant. They are sorry with their words but the fix they provide isn't! The outcome is still slower phones for people with little idea and eventually upgrade!
It is better to have frequent shutdowns (if that is true at all) so that user is alerted and obligated to replace the battery!

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Translation: iPhone sales are down this year and iPhone X sales are lower than expected

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Weird, rusting drums in the footage. Congrats to his earnings in Instagram though.

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How is the Autel best value if it is $800, price of discounted Mavics?

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On a photo in the Canon PowerShot G1X Mark III sample gallery sample gallery (2 comments in total)


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On article Portrait mode shootout: iPhone 8 Plus vs Google Pixel 2 (150 comments in total)

Nice work here. However, I don't see people really interested in the capability. I follow a lot of people in Instagram and they don't this feature. Its quite expected since most posts in the platform shows where they are.
Even the optical zoom capability is not much being used. Most are fine with the digital zoom.
My S8 has a wide aperture and the blurring of the background is decent.

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On article iPhone X sample gallery (64 comments in total)

Unusual performance with the highlights. It tries its best to put color on the highlights. Image quality drops quickly with low light. They should start using a larger sensor which Samsung and Google has been doing for the past years.

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Someone is going to be a bit richer.

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I haven't seen a solution using drones to kill another drone. Technology is available for such.

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I wonder if the the wider aperture helps reduce diffraction and produce slightly sharper images

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Finally, smartphone camera specs. I'm baffled why they have to bother with the previous spec where they can source smartphone parts easily and probably at a less price.

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Amazing. I guess, it should not be surprising as video is as not as demanding as photography in terms of resolution and noise. The only obvious weakness is with the highlights which I am not certain if it was pulled down by the edit or during recording.
This immediately reminds me of that recent purchase of Apple, the company that builds global shutter capable and highlight protection sensor.

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On article These are the best smartphone cameras you can buy (156 comments in total)

I hate to say this an Apple hater but I consider Apple having the best camera due to color management and crazy fps for video. The GoPro Hero6 has similar video capabilities but at a price close to an iPhone 8. The small sensor can be a problem though in low light where Samsung's and Google's implementations are larger.

Best display should go to the Note 8 due to similar display performance to the iPhone but much larger.

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Good job on the click bait title.

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True. Ain't no hype especially when photos are viewed in a small display such as smartphone. The capability is available in other smartphones but this is still the best implementation, at least, in Android. My Samsung is keen to overexpose, sharpen, and strong NR. If only I can tweak those to match HDR+.

DSLRs should employ such feature to keep their distance from smartphones.

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PaulSnowcat: Why 18:9??? 16:9 is long enough, even too long, I prefer 16:10 even! 18:9 is WAY too long! This make 6" screen to be a small one, there is a GREAT difference between 6" 16:9 (which is minimal comfortable size for me) and 18:9 long but unnecessarily slim screen.

8GB RAM! Who needs it? I own a phone with 6GB and 4.5 of them are kept FREE, 6 is MORE then enough. Curse you, marketologists!

There's more. Though the lens has a wide aperture, they use tiny camera sensors so the diffraction limit is a huge pixel. If it was an 8MP sensor, I think it is still diffraction limited. In other words, those pixels are unnecessary and doesn't help with dynamic range.

I have the S8 Plus but the tall/long screen is not useful. I bought it as I thought it has similar dimensions to the S7 Edge but with a large screen. It turns out the increase in display also equated to increase in in length.

I wonder why they still have to leave out the microsd slot. Otherwise, I would have bought one of their phones already.

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Can somebody post diffraction calculations for these sensors?

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It doesn't have to be a Moto Mod but Bluetooth or USB.

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On article DJI Spark Review: Small but mighty (130 comments in total)

The Mavic Pro is also good competition to the Spark despite the price. The Mavic folds when unused, making it as small as the Spark.
Both can't do 1080p@60fps as the Mavic, in this mode, is unusable.

In the end, I will prefer the Spark as I don't use my Mavic all the time which is just cash burn to me. The Mavic can't launch from the hand and landing it to one's hand is tricky, and riskier than the Spark.

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Does it work with the electronic shutter? Is there a benefit with if shot handheld but at fast shutter speeds?

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