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On article Re-make/Re-model: Leica Summaron 28mm F5.6 Samples (195 comments in total)

Hmm...I was about to think post a negative remark about the obvious distortion and vignetting but today's software can fix that.
I would like Nikon to have a lens similar to Canon's pancake lenses

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On article Fujifilm X-T20 Review (303 comments in total)

I'm glad you have considered USB charging as an advantage. I found that I always leave a lot of charge in my Nikon DSLR after a day of shooting as a tourist and I would appreciate it if it can charge through USB so I can leave the dedicated charger, there is virtually unlimiited charge through affordable smartphone Power Banks and no need to remove batteries from the camera.

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The value for money is minuscule or not there anymore as the Samsung S7's price are dropping while the 3 or 3T does not.

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You could make the same argument for APS and FF if the user finds the difference in cost relatively large. I was a FF system fanboy before but I found that in real use, I really wanted more DoF most of the time. I even find APS lacking DoF in all focal lengths even at f7.1 of lens kit but couldn't go smaller anymore due to image quality

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"but not US-carriers" - this.

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On article GoPro to cut 270 jobs as part of restructuring effort (79 comments in total)

They actually did well and a lot more than I expected. It's just that they over estimated the growth potential of their products which performed past the saturation. They also didn't anticipated DJI's Mavic which killed the Karma. There is an increasing number of restrictions for drones which, for me kills the growth of aerial drones unless laws gets less strict or technology produces ultra lightweight drone products.

If they ask me, they should burn cash for R&D for the next wave of drone products, underwater. I like to see beauty of the water below but I'm too wary with scuba diving.

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On article Fujifilm X-T20 sample gallery (127 comments in total)

They really got the JPEGs right. I might even say they are better than Canon or Nikon's.

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Hilarious graph. Anyway, the decline didn't happened overnight. It was gradual. It seems to me that this market shift happened when smartphones were starting to have quality cameras with autofocus and better sensors.
It is now difficult for cameras to compete because of the sheer volume of smartphone market where costs are minimized and innovation is constant. Even Sony has upcoming XZ Premium which can shoot 960 fps but cheaper than a RX100 V.

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No sample images or video. A tiny but expensive quadcopter.

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I kinda wonder why we never see such CPUs/SoCs in cameras regardless of cost.

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Shlomo Goldwasser: It is at times like this that you wish Samsung was still in the camera market to bring over these goodies.

Samsung can simply put this SoC on a high end APSC camera such as the NX1 and obliterate all the competition in terms of frame or data rates while having Wi-Fi and an LTE connection that uploads photos or videos in realtime.

They were even ahead of Sony by releasing the NX1 with a back illuminated sensor.

Is the camera market really that small for Samsung to abandon it?

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Something is amiss here. The photo on the right looks to be the correct one without the red pixels which the strawberry can be of any color. Strawberries can have varying color such as those that are not yet ripe which can be yellow or green.

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randalusa: Lost interest in the DSLR realm years and years ago. Sold my two Nikons, the lenses, the bag. My interest these days goes to bridge with a largish sensor and as much zoom as they will put in, like the Sony RX10-III with 1-in and 25x.

For longer zoom, any old super like Nikon P900 or Canon SX60. Finish up with a Sony HX90v compact that brings along a 30x, tilting monitor and viewfinder.

Together, they rip the snot out of the old DSLR routine unless you have a caddy and can afford at least a 1200x lens. And even then, I would probably leave the SLR at home. So much bother, not to mention the constant worry of leaving the bag behind somewhere.

Sure, get rid of the dumb compacts filling shelves. But the moves by some to impressively beef up the larger sensor high zoom bridge category is a welcome entry to the party.

If they are going to give the consumers they want, they might have a huge success with a fixed lens f 24-70mm f2.8 APSC camera. I doubt they will make one though as there is more money in selling lenses.

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sirhawkeye64: Ditch the Nikon 1 line and the DL series. Build a mirrorless based around the entry-level DSLR bodies (but thinner and obviously without a mirror) and make it compatible with existing DSLR glass. That way, they can focus on the camera bodies, and not have to worry about lenses, since Nikon already has an extensive line of Nikon F-mount lenses. I mean, I'm sure NIkon has considered this, but why haven't then done this already. Instead, they created the Nikon 1. Yes it's smaller and lighter, but also developing a new set of lenses and a new camera system with new lens mounting system, takes resources. Why not re-use what they already have, and focus on the mirrorless bodies that can be paired with the existing glass? I strongly believe that while DSLRs probably won't die off completely any time soon, mirrorless will become the norm for cameras pretty soon (~5-10 years; unless something new we haven't heard of yet comes out).

I think it is just a matter of when. Sigma did the a "first" by making the SD Quattro, a mirrorless using existing lens mount.
I don't find it optimal though. It doesn't reduce size and weight much but it greatly reduces costs.

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Coolpix A here also! They could use the same body and lens with an upgraded electronics and 24MP sensor and call it a day! APSC seems the sweet spot now for dedicated consumer cameras.
They do just fine for enthusiast and Pro level products but as a company, they do need to expand to more casual users. I can't help think that they can start going into mobile photography like what Leica did for Huawei.

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On article Lenovo Moto G5 Plus camera first impressions review (57 comments in total)
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zodiacfml: Pricey. Save just a bit and get an S7 or something than this.

The G5 Plus costs $300. Here in my location, the S7 is almost the same price as the One Plus 3, around $400.

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Ningun: Is good this site's name is DPreview, for Digital Phone Review. After this past weekend we should have been seeing lots of new cameras and reviews about them, not phones.

That's quite a nice name for them expanding to mobile phone reviews.

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samfan: Love the interview. Honest and to the point. He knows what he wants, he follows his ambitious yet realistic targets and still is not afraid to say he doesn't know something.

Damn, it's such a far cry from some of the other camera companies' managers that can only produce poor marketing fluff about exploring opportunities in the market and targeting #1 market share, and then acting all surprised when nobody buys their crap.

I've always loved Sigma so I'm happy to see them succeed, but honestly it seems like I've always liked those products that don't get much attention, such as the old version of the APS-C 50-150/2.8 which was good but really small, not the current behemoth. Or the old APS-C 30/1.4 which was regarded as fairly weak but I thought it's magical.

Or the older variants of the DP1/DP2. Sigma was really the first one on the market with a professional APS-C compact and I loved the output of the Foveon sensor.

The successors to these products just aren't the same.

Same. They gave in to what most customers wanted, more resolution. The Quattro design is high performance but at the cost of the size of the camera and performance in SPP. There is something with the DP/SD14 image quality that Merrill or Quattro rarely gets.

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On article Lenovo Moto G5 Plus camera first impressions review (57 comments in total)

Pricey. Save just a bit and get an S7 or something than this.

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I am impressed with that embed of the instagram post above. I wonder if they will support "Stories" in the browser.

There is a problem with their main app though. It doesn't allow you to view older posts. It only shows you maybe 10 to 15 posts that their algorithm has chosen to show.

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