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Jerry ZZ: Oh god, I'm sorry to say this but this thing is so ugly it makes me not want to hold it. *cringe*


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Gregefalk: iOS only apps are of little interest to a lot of us.

Agreed, should be on android ,or at least OS X

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Robemo: Man, impressive as it is I still wonder where this is going. I mentioned in another comment the rising prices of camera models (Sony) in a time where the economic prospects are not that bright. It's only a small group of people that need that non-plus-ultra quality in this fast moving world of social media where images are taken with phones. I hope the photo-industry can cope ...
But impressive it is for sure ...


Pointless statement. Why not remind us that the dinosaurs ruled the earth one day.

These companies are run by smart people, who sometimes fail. that said, No way they will be creating very expensive products for markets that dont exist. People that have money are actually more apt to spend it to support thier lifestyle, much like a business to support its daily operation.

Sorry i just dont see the need to point out captain obvious. Everything will change. Change is good. But what you're talking about is not now. No store is using an iphone as their security camera, lol.


As an AV enthusiast myself, the low end products have gotten trickle down features so good, it was bound to happen. But the low end market always needs the higher tiers to pull new functions from. But everyone tends to forget the sheer number of businesses and organizations that use this level of equipment and beyond. Then there's govt purchases. Still relatively large markets to make money from.

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On article The whole nine yards: Canon 35mm F1.4L II USM review (288 comments in total)
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TyphoonTW: My wallet is not ready for this lens. Feelsbadman.

Rolf, im gonna use that one.

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On article The whole nine yards: Canon 35mm F1.4L II USM review (288 comments in total)
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HarryLally: Rather a 'rave' review - could almost have been written by Canon. The Photozone review (using the same camera) is more balanced IMHO. The lens still gets an excellent review, but it's rather less gushing.

Why dont review whiners NEVER, EVER write thier own?

"I liked that other site's review better..."
Like, who bloody cares?

Whambulance chasers should be a profession...would be a billionaire serving an endless stream of these armchair quarterbacking babies.

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keeponkeepingon: " asking people to invest in a small camera with the expectation that they'll use larger EF and EF-S lenses doesn't sound like the easiest sell."

I would think asking Canon photographers to invest in a camera with some fantatic native lenes and the ability to use every lens they currently own would be an easy sell. The adapter is so cheap to make (A third party sells one for $40) it's a wonder they just don't throw it in with the original kit.

Regarding size, There are some crackerjack EF/EF-S lenses that are pretty small. The 24mm F2.8, 40mm F2.8 pancakes and even the 50mm F1.8 are all not terribly large even when you add the adapter (betcha canon's 50 with the adapter is not much bigger than sony's 50mm F1.8)

Personally, I think some of you guys are far too busy projecting your own feeling onto others expectations. It sounds like the commenters that are predisposed with telling everyone else what they do and do not need.

The adapter is one of the MAIN reasons i love my M1, and a HUGE selling point. I've used the following on my m1:

35 f2 IS
50 1.4 + 1.8

All with GREAT results, and its still MUCH SMALLER than mounted on a rebel or FF body.

So, in what world would being able to use your existing great glass on a much smaller body a negative? It's not a pro body, and while the EFM mount is missing quite a few primes especially, that is there covers good range for non L level glass.

And there is no 22 f2 equivalent for the full size bodies. Aww :(O

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EFrogii: You know what I like about the EOS M, despite its many, many failings? It was able to provide DSLR level quality in a package that I could squeeze into a pocket, especially with the 22mm lens. And since it didn't sell so well, at a fantastic price too. (I picked one up for around $300 with all the accessories and the 2 lenses available at the time).

The EOS M5 seems like it will solve all the EOS M issues. But I won't be picking it up because it fails supremely by being HUGE in comparison (It is nearly twice the size in one dimension). It is now only a few mm away from a "real" DSLR, some not from Canon, so why would I pick the M5? Hmmm...

The EOS M/M3 form factor is just fine, just give it the better AF and I would be happy. I guess I will be on the market for the M3 once the prices start tanking then...

It is not twice the size in any dimension.

Im a M1 owner, and I handled the m5 at the photo expo. It feels great, feels relatively the same size asd an m3 or a bigger sized G5.

My only HUGE gripe, is that they kept the powershot firmware on it, which really, really sucks. Its just dead slow compared to the m1/rebel firmware. My M1 has always been a joy to use, a super responsive, normal OS that any rebel user would be immediately familiar with. Fortunately the UI isnt as glacial as the M3- my most hated canon camera yet- but it also isnt a speed demon either. Luckily this doesn't affect the live view mode much/if at all.

On an aspc camera, i cant for the life of me understand why they would want to do this. it's not a powershot, but they are sure treating it like a powershot with a big sensor. and that stinks.

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IdM photography: It was already a known fact that Apple hate IT guys, but Apple also hate photographers... My iPad just won't allow me to zoom to the finest detail of my photos (others apps are required like Big Photo or Actual Pixels) or have access to the EXIF information... And why does the iPad change the name of the photos I store??? Please just stop doing things just to bother people...

It was also way overdue.

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Al Valentino: Wow, over 1,000 comments so far. Is this not a potent indicator of market discontent 😈

Your right. Its a DUMB, STUPID action by apple. And they should be taken to task for it.

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d2f: Interesting reading. But kind of makes one wonder about the Apple management trade off reasoning; for example on the one hand they remove the mini head phone jack from their iPhone but retain it on their latest Pro laptop. While they removed the SD reader because the SD card stuck out, but have no problem selling the customer an expensive adapter that sticks out even further. The statement that they were surprised by the level of criticism shows a "Let them eat cake" level of corporate arrogance. While loyal die hard Apple customers will continue to defend Apple management choices (i.e. can do no wrong) and buy the latest and greatest laptop, others may elect to look elsewhere as the Apple magic dust finally wears off.

Don't think that Apple was too generous with the headphone jack. They removed the digital capability of that jack and now it's a standard dumb headphone jack.

Apple products are typically best when they are mid cycle. Anytime their models start and towards the middle there's always pain to be had until they come to their senses and the market has time to follow them and fill in the holes.

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IdM photography: It was already a known fact that Apple hate IT guys, but Apple also hate photographers... My iPad just won't allow me to zoom to the finest detail of my photos (others apps are required like Big Photo or Actual Pixels) or have access to the EXIF information... And why does the iPad change the name of the photos I store??? Please just stop doing things just to bother people...

Here's a hint. Don't use any Apple software that you don't have to. They simply do not care about user expectations from version to version and they have a dangerous habit of pulling features that are actually useful. If you're using any Apple software now that is not mail or calendar, look for a backup immediately. Seriously you would don't want to end up like the final cut or aperture guys. Entire edit rooms had to be replaced with different software because Apple gave everyone the fu. If they will do that the pros there is nothing they won't do to the average consumer.

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Jackdaw61: I am a pro photographer with a 2012 MBP with SD slot, which I always use, but I also ALWAYS carry a USB card-reader in case that integrated slot ever fails - isn't that what anyone serious about reliability would do? It weighs about 10 grams and occupies a space of a box of matches, so what's the problem?

Lol @ extra keyboard.

I'm not mad at the redundancy aspect. When I traveled abroad to SD card readers in case one failed. But I never have to use it thank goodness.

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zakk9: Is there something wrong with my reading abilities or is there no way to backup from the camera to the disk using WiFi?

Think about it my friend. How would you possibly be able to use the camera's interface to send these images over.

I think it's best if we look at the features for what they actually do and if they work other than a wish list to determine whether the product is good or not.

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Nukunukoo: I would have hoped the "Pro" was a 2-disc RAID. These devices will fail you in less than 2 years along with your valuable photos

Oh, did you forget that this is supposed to be portable? You're talking about a pro 2x Edition

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Peter Galbavy: I've had my 3TB one for a couple of weeks now. I also have the original 2TB one. Performance is better and the optional Plex server is a nice touch.

That said, the WiFi is not as stable as it should be and looking at this further I have found that a combination of user-level WPA (it's Linux underneath) and priority given to other tasks means that my work laptop will often get "Can't connect to this network" as a typical example of slow connection set-up. It eventually recovers and I found that if I ensure that the outbound 'net WiFi is forced to the other band from the one used to connect the client things are better.

Overall, good but need more competition to drive improvements for the next gen.

It would be great if you can leave those feedback on the companies forums. They actually do listen to their customers unlike Apple. At this rate version 3 will be gold. It kind of sucks to hear about the Wimpy Wi-Fi but unfortunately most gadgets that produce their own Wi-Fi signal is very low power for whatever reason. Like you said definitely improvements need to be made.

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AD in KC: I got the first version of this thing and it was useless. Still takes up shelf space because I can't bring myself to throw away something that cost whatever it cost. $160 maybe. I'm too angry to give this new one a chance.

The old one was so obtuse and unintuitive and slow and I had no idea if a card had actually been downloaded even. For all I knew there was a bar of soap inside it. I don't doubt this one is better, but "good"? And who would want this who doesn't shoot raw?

My old laptop needs to be replaced anyway, that's what I'll do if anything.

I get that youre once bitten, but this is version two and the upgrades seem reasonable, sans ssd.

Its worth a shot, especially since there just nothing like these on the market. Its acually trying to wolve a real world problem. It would benefit wd to put resources behind it and make a truly pro device.

Would be awesome if ifixit can do a breakdown and see how many serviceaclenparts there are in there.

My 2c

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pokesfan: I got an idea to improve this. Hear me out. REMOVE the SD card slot. It's too cumbersome. Replace it with nothing. It will make the box more sleek!


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luben solev: HDDs can fail. Imagine losing 2TB worth of pictures! Does not bare thinking about.

I know that cards also fail, but I recon HDDs fail more. After all, they're mechanical.

This product would have been much better (albeit more expensive) with an SSD in it.

Or even better (and even more expensive), have two SSDs that duplicate each other so if one dies (SSDs can die too) the other one still has the data. i.e. a RAID-1 set-up.

The use of SSDs would have likely also reduced the weight and power needs of the device and potentially improved the back-up throughput.

As it is, it looks a bit half-baked to me and does not live up to its "Pro" moniker.

My 2 pence.

You never know until you try it. Its not that expensive.

I also just mentioned the ssd option. Too bad ssd's are still way expensive compared to standard drives. a 1tb ssd option would likely push this into $500 territory

Link | Posted on Nov 11, 2016 at 12:56 UTC

I feel like his has enough features that for those of us that work in the field, we have to try it out- budget allowing of course.

Hopefully this version is successful and they bring out a 1tb ssd version. Even this new one, with its non metal shell, takes too hard of a hit, and the hard drive is toast.

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Gazeomon: My current MBP is 4 years and 3 months old and things getting a bit slow and wonky. Looking at the new MBP's leaves me feeling a bit deflated because I was excited when Apple finally announced their new machines. Yes, they're looking nice but apart from a few inconsequential gimmicky features there is really nothing ground breaking that would warrant this crazy price tag - and then they took away that 'cumbersome' card slot that millions of MBP users need every day. Now they want us to buy 'less cumbersome' dongles to enhance our daily work experience. Schiller, You need Your brain checked! Seriously!

Ive always migrated my profile from one major version of osx to the next. It brings everything along with it, and only few things get broken, usually because of changes in the os itself.

That said, im using the same profile since 97.

My laptop, a 2015 mbpro 13, is fresh and clean though with no legacy accounts on it at all. that 128 gb is precious space.

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