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Why is the battery compartment being held closed with duct tape on your pics?

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Simple man: Canon cameras still perform flawlessly. This is not an actual problem as many purport it to be. Canon found the problem is not with the camera. It's a user issue.

If the batteries are installed upside down (improperly) it causes the battery seat to malform. Which in turn causes poor contact. This is a user induced error. Not a Canon flaw in design.

Canon being the wonderful loving company they are. Is fixing the problem. In fact they've announced cameras will continue to have this problem through 2019. It's estimated by then the user base will be trained in proper battery installation. This will effectively eliminate the problem, with no change in design.

SM - Not likely that Canon would sully their manufacturing reputation and make such a big deal about a camera flaw, if it was due to user error. Nor is it likely that so many users would install the battery upside down that Canon would feel the need to issue this statement. If such a user error were the problem, they might issue a statement advising users to be careful how they insert their battery and tell of the consequences to the camera if they don't do it right. They could still quietly accept and fix the few cameras with such issues. It would cost them the same amount to do so, minus the hit to their manufacturing reputation. Also, if the problem were really caused by user error, then handling the problem by announcing the user's misstep would also lead to less user errors of the kind and save everyone a lot of time, hassle, and money. So, while your brand loyalty may be touching, I think, in this instance, as it is expressed about this particular issue, it is probably misplaced.

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Sdaniella: for me, the G1X noise hit tolerable limits at ISO 1600 ... intolerable beyond (worse on m43 systems and Nikon 1)

if Canon product rep video claims IQ noise for G1XMkII is better at ISO 1600 than older G1X at ISO 400 ... gives me added interest and impetus to get the MkII ... now that it has a 24mm eq ff fov ... my only misgivings is absence of VASS (vari-angle swivel screen) and extra cost to have evf and a more ergonomic, yet still inadequate, grip ... but IQ of older G1X matched the EOS 60D ... will MkII match or exceed IQ of EOS 70D (even if AF/fps/video cannot?)

will a prosumer PowerShot Pro1X come later with all of the above BUILT-IN !???

hhmmm ...

I really prefer the tilt screen. Much lower profile for street photography. My husband shoots with a Nikon P7700 and I am always wondering when that big flap is going to get yanked off somehow...

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I totally agree with this thread so far. Caged and restrained animals are sad creatures. Who do we presume to be, when we assume we can treat them this way? We have to ask ourselves: "how would I like it if I had to be in his place?" A loaded question most will strive to avoid or rationalize.

So true that wildlife photography is infinitely more challenging and rewarding in every way.

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Wow! Tack sharp with major drama in the colors and POV. Awesome!

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