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Sergey Borachev: What a beautiful WR 35mm EFL lens! And reasonably sized, and reasonably priced too.

Wish M43 had some reasonably priced quality primes around 35mm EFL like this. In fact, I wish there could be a quality WR native M43 lens like this at any price. None of the current M43 primes around this important FL is WR or all that good in IQ. This is from someone who uses MFT exclusively. Sigh.

I'm with you there Sergey. The 17mm F1.8 from Olympus is good, but there are no amazing 35mm equivalent lenses with AF on M43. Nice one Fuji.

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On article Mosh pits and sunsets: Shooting with the Panasonic GX85 (143 comments in total)

I love these kind of field tests for cameras, and I felt this particular field test was especially well suited for the M43 system, which is designed as a take anywhere system for occasions like this. Well done !

As a M43 user though, I would have shot the same lenses wider aperture settings, due to the extra depth of field offered by the system.

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MadHamster: Raging mirorrless fanboys arriving to comments section in


Mirrorless fanboy was just thinking....

When mirrorless camera have a fully articulated screen, half the people complain that it is not as quick to deploy as a tilt screen. But when they have a tilt screen, the other half complain that it is not as versatile as a fully articulated screen. I am just wondering whether Pentax have designed the perfect compromise.

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What are we going to moan about in the m43 forum, if the manufacturer's eliminate shutter shock, give us more DR than we need, with ultra high speed bust modes that allow hand held 50MP shots with sensor shift, and noise removal by averaging. Oh yes, depth of field and equivalence, I forgot.

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So the Olympus 25mm F1.8 costs £370 without lens hood or storage pouch and the Panasonic 25mm F1.4 costs £430 (amazon uk) with a lens hood and pouch. The price of the olympus lens hood is unknown, but their lens hood for the 45mm is £30. This is not the nifty fifty that the system needs. The price needs to drop.

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Glad to see the prices of micro four thirds cameras coming down, without sacrificing build quality.

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Glad to see the prices of micro four thirds cameras coming down, without sacrificing build quality.

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Did Nikon patent shiney white plastic ? I bet apple are just kicking themselves.

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The quick access C1 and C2 custom positions on the mode dial were incredibly useful on my Panasonic GF1. I never understood why Olympus never put this on their micro four thirds cameras, as they make a big thing about customization. I have to laugh when I see this really useful feature on the Stylus, yet not on their top of the range flagship E-M1. Thankfully, the E-M1 does have the same art filter setting, so it can take photos like my daughters VTECH kiddy zoom!

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Mahmoud Mousef: I don't even own a Fuji camera but I am excited to read this news. I do need to get out more, perhaps.

This is such a nice gesture and I wish other manufacturers would take note. Well done Fuji for looking after your users. I am sure you will be rewarded with loyalty. I don't even own one of your (recent) cameras, but I like what you are doing.

What are the chances of getting a update for the E-M5 firmware to add the same software routines that already exist on the E-P5 (with same processor) for focus peaking and extended 100 ISO? I would like to like to be proved wrong, but I don't see other manufacturers supporting their users this way.

I like the way Fuji is different. It is strangely refreshing.

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I usually have in my cupcake crumpler; x2 bottles of water, x2 apple purée, 2x3 pack of biscuits, wipes, x2 kiddies jumpers. Oh, almost forgot, an E-M5. I can't have anything bigger than micro four-thirds at the moment !

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I think George Lucas has been teaching Olympus how to count. What are Olympus going to call their 5th model in the series ?

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Apart from the price, I am impressed. One of the few products reviews I have ever bothered to write on Amazon, listed the following cons for the E-M5 :
1) Position of ON/OFF switch not quickly accessible
2) base ISO of 200 and max shutter speed of 1/4000s
3) Myset implementation not via the PSAM dial and no toggling through mysets
4) Can only program certain functions to certain buttons.
5) Lots of olympus lenses only available in silver
Olympus do seem to have made the effort and incorporated peoples "wish lists" into their new products, where possible. Now if only they would listen to everyone's comments about not providing lens hoods and sacs in the package.........

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