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Frank C.: Could it be the dark forces have reawakened? :] I just might pick up one of these little puppies once prices dip a little but presently... need... to.... resist ...the .....urge... haha

Frank what are you talking about?
The Stormtrooper’s gear looks like this
The real dark side

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FOTONOTO: 2 card slots?

More like Memorystick or Memorytick

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catlyn: Just add a control module to the beetle, and you have a remotely controlled beetle with a camera on it. The next generation in spying...

They have done that with cockroaches
A metal spiral wound on each antennae that can be heated.
The bug shyes away from heat.
Remote control

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cosinaphile: when they work out the bugs, let me know

Seams to be slow as a snail

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Buy an Xperia before it’s to late

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AdamT: Theres always going to be plusses and minuses , throw the EM1.2 in there too which is 99% of a Mk3 and can be had for a song on the used market ......

I`m generally a Pan-Fan but couldn`t get past the feather light shutter release and the EVF optics of the G9 (far prefer Both in my GX8) , I also found the grip too thick for comfort too but totally loved the top LCD , all the func buttons , the Canon/nikon DSLR mix Command dials etc ..... ended up with a boxed mint used EM1-II from a dealer . Grip & shutter button are bang on , Dials are just as good though different , EVF doesn`t drive me nuts and prefer the size of the camera too , add that the Oly 12-40 and 12-100 have been on my roadmap (even for use with the GX8), that the face tracking is usable and the amazing IBIS (though the G9`s was way better than expected) and it`ll do ............ of course if a later G11 hits the spot , I`ll be back with Pan

The G9 viewfinder is a GH5 viewfinder with spectacles

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Raynaud: This would have been a good one to video on the GH5. 😀

The GH5 is Panasonics top m43 model so it should have been included

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rurikw: Looked like the G9's viewfinder has quite some pincushion distortion. Is it really that bad?

The GH5 is better in that aspect (no magnifying glass) and has the resolution as the G9s viewfinder

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On article Ricoh video details the next flagship Pentax APS-C DSLR (656 comments in total)
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Mac McCreery: That OVF sounds wonderful. If only it would hark back to those huge viewfinders of yore. Minolta X700 springs to mind.


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T3: The window of opportunity for sales of this camera (or any flagship DSLR in today's market) was already quite narrow, especially compared to DSLR releases in the past when DSLRs were the only option. Today's DSLRs were already catering to a vanishing sales pool as more and more people either move to mirrorless or prepare for the move to mirrorless in the relatively near future (as more pro mirrorless models are released). Now it looks like that window of sales opportunity is going to be even more narrow thanks to COVID-19. Who would have thought that a pandemic would add an additional nail to the DSLR coffin.

Just because you have choosen a Camera firm that has products with the life length of a banana fly doesn't mean that there aren't cameras with a healthy life span.

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GrapeJam: No f1.2 lenses, and when Panasonic f1.4 lenses are as big, heavy and expensive as Canon RF f1.2 lenses, I have to question the talent of Panasonic lenses designers.

Why are you spamming every thread regarding camera makes that you don’t have?
Has Sony lost steam?
There will be a PS5 this year so you’ll have some to write about

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5212: given the covid virus pandemic and its effects on asian and global economics, no roadmap - by any maker - will work out.

Flat earthers around the globe unite!

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panther fan: What a nice and compact 20mm F1.8. The big mount really pays off here ;)

Wolfloid is that you Rubberdials?

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On article Hands-on with the Nikon D6 at WPPI (283 comments in total)
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rbach44: Can’t wait to see the comments calling on the death of the pro SLR. Can’t wait to see how many mirrorless cameras will NOT be in use at the next Olympics.

These cameras are for real pros, not the spec sheet warrior/blogger types. I’m sure it’ll sell wonderfully.

Any camera will sell less in vastly diminishing market.
That also goes for your Sonys, T3

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G Master: The truth is Canon and Nikon would kill to have a product line anything remotely as popular as PlayStation.

Sony would kill to have a profitable line of mobile phones

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ravi pratap: But sony A7 range is judged best camera by all !And sony a 6xxx series making life difficult for canon,Nikon,panasonic all...

"But sony A7 range is judged best camera by all"

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Mister Anders0n: Compare this to the new Canon 1DXIII to truly see how sad this offering from Nikon is. Of course, the fanboys and "pros who need it" will not agree, but it's pretty clear that Nikon is losing the war. Nikon has not been competitive in the mirrorless market. Their one strong suit is that they make darn good DSLRs. Then along came the 1DXIII and EOS M5.......

I own the a9, so i don't have a horse in this race
Good one MILC

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Baltijos: Brilliant work, Suzuki-san! Keep inspiring me...

Or some psychological diagnosis

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Niko Todd: I wanna see him shooting wildlife like that lol.

Sharks would be good

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On article Hands-on with the Nikon D780 (346 comments in total)
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PC-dot-Com: Uh, well, I'm still in complete love with my D610, and feel overall it's a better deal than the D750, let alone the D780. Bar it not having an ISO button on top, it's a near perfect FF DSLR. And that's an extremely minor omittance I've learned to live with. Nearly everything else about it is fantastic (and even better than my Canon 6D I've raved about in the past). I suppose if, when it dies, I'll consider a D780.

I think if it had a 36mp sensor and a flip and twist screen you'd see even more people interested in it. To me it seemed like next the logical step the D780's design would have taken to appease resolution/video fans, and yet one more spec/feature that makes it hard for those stricken with gear acquisition syndrome to pass up.

... cont'd next post

The Z6 is consumer level camera vs the more capable D850
Looking forward to a Z eq D850 camera

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