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I saw a unit in the shop. It's looks and feels gorgeous. Small yet sturdy and well build. Now I need to figure out where to get the cash

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On article DJI goes portable with the Mavic Pro (161 comments in total)
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mmarian: I wonder how much deterioration in IQ is caused by the plasticy speherical dome. It looks like perspex material and can't do much good to the image quality. It would be interesting to see the difference with and without the dome. It looks like a simple clip-on design. It sure helps the gimbal to stabilize without having to fight with the air blowing onto it but unless it is a superior optical material it sure worsens the picture.

It is a clip on. I saw a demo in the shop and the shop assistant flew it without it. The staff also recommended the dome for "bad weather and wind"

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robbo2: The optics and processing software look great. My question is will these new smartphones allow transfer of digital camera images through Wifi and/or NFC or is Microsoft assuming that the image quality is so good with the phone itself so that xfer of digital camera images is unnecessary?

There are no remote control apps for wifi enabled cameras. I have a Canon 6D and Lumix LX100.

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Healthseeker: Why is the battery compartment being held closed with duct tape on your pics?

sometimes the manufacturer does not allow to use your own card to take pictures and take them away

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johnami: I don't have the the time to read everything, so please excuse me if I'm repeating something, but how does the image quality of these 'tough' photoboxes compare to your average smart phone?

Same as my iPhone 4S. But has an optical zoom, video is awesome for my needs, no shutter lag, and I can take on the beach and in the water. So far 3m deep but soon a chance to take it down to the max 13m.

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My TS5 controls are just fine even underwater in a 2m deep pool. The screen is bright and easy to see even on a sunny beach.

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On article 2013 Waterproof Camera Roundup (123 comments in total)

I have bought the Lumix TS5 and I'm very pleased with it. The image quality is as good as it can be in this class but would not care more about. I do shoot Canon 6D but I can not take in the water or running or snorkeling. The video is as advertised and it looks awesome and that was one of te reasons I opted for TS5. I had no issues with the wifi and it connects smoothly to my ipad, iPhone and the LG android I'm using. Neat to be able to control the zoom and the settings in the camera remotely.

Thanks for the reviews I did follow them and it did help me.



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I bought it the day I bought the 6D. Awesome combination for traveling light yet full frame

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Lucafeb: I am maybe one of the first 6D buyers . I wrote in the forum about 500 comments ago. I took the 6D in field trips in India and Korea and I have to say the camera is fantastic :
lightweight : you can carry it for 4-5 hours without getting tired
Ergonomic : perfect handling (at least for my hand size) . All the dials and buttons can be operated without leaving your sight from the viewfinder
Autofocus : fantastic . Never lost a shot in any light condition
Highlights : very forgiving . Very smooth transition , few clippings
Silent shot mode: very useful in several occasion
High Iso : excellent .
Canon Lens: the kit lens is a L series 24-105 f4. Great traveling companion : light and sharp, I agree with many , this lens has notable distortion at 24mm and vignetting at full but you can fix both in LR, so no worries

You can see some photos in 500px : user name mega-pixel

Even though I wish it had the joystick, two card slots, more crosshair AF points and 1/8000 i still bought it and I agree with Lucafeb 100%. I also bought the 2.8 40mm STM that makes it very, very portable.

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On article Just Posted: Canon EOS 6D In-depth Review (533 comments in total)

Some real life ISO.

All shot in JPG as my LR3.6 does not see RAW. All settings normal, all noise reduction off.


Can not figure out how to make clickable the links...

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