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entoman: A comment below implies correctly that access is extremely important, and that some photographers are in a much better position to get good drone images than others, by virtue of location, wealth or the ability to persuade or invade, to gain access to fascinating places.

BUT, the same argument could be applied to many other types of photography. Only a few of us e.g. live in countries where there are spectacular land-based landscapes, or have the ability to travel to such places.

The same applies to many other genres, e.g. underwater photography - when was the last time you had the chance to deep dive off the Maldives?

So my comment to anyone who feels dejected or under-privileged with regard to being unable to photograph such subjects is simple:

Be thankful that there are others who are able to photograph such things, publish them, and enrich your life.

And that's why there's macro photography - there's beauty in the everyday, if you look close enough :)

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On article Casio: the innovator that time forgot (153 comments in total)

My first digital camera was a Casio Exilim, although not the one above. I remember the first time I saw one. I was on vacation in Costa Rica and I saw this guy take a photo with this tiny camera and then slip it into his back pocket - after that I was hooked!! :)

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On article Best online printing services (145 comments in total)

For large prints I've used MPIX, Adoramapix (now Printique) and for large canvas prints I've used Canvas on Demand. I was quite pleased with each.

Several years ago I started filling an old school, honest to goodness "photo album" each year with my favorite 300-400 4X6 prints from the year.

For this task its tough to beat York Photo - dirt cheap....and for 4x6's, 5X7's or even 8X10's they look pretty damn good.

Its so satisfying to pick up a true photo album from a few years ago and flip through the pages instead of browsing though endless folders in Lightroom.

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fuego6: Lol.. is Canada-Goose some rich spouse's vanity project.. ie: keep em busy with a throwaway business? I did product photography for one of these many years ago... gave the spouse something to do and brag about even though EVERYONE knew the business was doomed to fail.. and that one was even as crazy as this jacket!

I think it is. It's like the new fad Winter clothing of the college students where I live :)

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Yes please - for NIkon Z! :) Really want the Samyang 18mm for Z as well.

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DejayRezme: This is insane and clearly a function of a needlessly oppressive and authoritarian regime. Disgusting.

The drone clearly malfunctioned. There was no intend in doing this.

Clearly the drone didn't do anything. No harm was caused. "Employees discovered the drone" so there never was any danger. There is a question if there even could be any danger. Has there ever been any incident of a drone causing an accident with a plane? Compared to cost cutting measures and corruption?

This is abuse of power. You can rape and lie and defraud but you fly one little drone somewhere the authorities don't like, even if there is no damage at all, and they try to RUIN YOU LIFE.

Sorry for the rant. I just get angry, they are ruining the planet but the little man has to obey every stupid rule "they" come up with.

Agreed. ‘It started acting weird and just took off.’

...Burciaga's drone flew two miles away from its takeoff point, at an altitude of slightly above 450 feet, and landed a few feet away from an active runway at McCarran"

If this guy had been intentionally trying to fly in airport space I would agree but his drone malfunction and flew 2 miles away!!! This was clearly a case of drone malfunction.

If my accelerator on my car malfunctioned and stuck down and I drove into an airport fence would the FAA fine me $20,000? This case is ridiculous.

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On article DPReview TV: Fujifilm X-Pro3 hands-on preview (96 comments in total)
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Chris Bonney: It's dissapointing that Chris and Jordan have opened this video by denegrating the 'posers' that would want to use it.

You have made some excellent points, as usual, about the utility of the X-Pro3. But I cannot recall another occasion when you two mocked the user. No doubt it amused you when you made it, but you have inadvertently led a biggoted mob that empower themselves by denigrating other photographers because 'Their camera is too stylish so they are obviously not real photographers like us.'

" but you have inadvertently led a biggoted mob that empower themselves by denigrating other photographers because 'Their camera is too stylish so they are obviously not real photographers like us.'"

I think that's taking it a bit too far. I definitely got a laugh out of it.

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Sardonic G: I'm holding out for the SD card extractor tweezers set made from a single block of high grade titanium and anodized so that it has a nickel plated sheen. Of course the tips will have to be wrapped in Scottish cashmere to prevent scratching of the cards.

I'll bet this is in Leica's product pipeline :)

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TacticDesigns: The best camera is the one you have with you.

Ok. Some people may make fun of this camera.

I just hope that anyone reading these comments won't decide not to try this camera out because of the negative comments. That IMHO would be a shame.

For me, the affordable cost, compact size and ruggedness makes it a natural camera to take on vacation. Even if you are taking another camera. :)

I have big dSLR cameras and a mirrorless. But when I am putting those cameras away so they don't get damaged, I am usually putting my XP camera in my pocket.

And . . . on vacation . . . that is usually when the fun is happening!

So . . . because it is the camera that I have with me at these moments, it is the camera that is letting me capture these great little moments!!! :)

NOTE: The reason I made this post is so more people try out this camera and Fujifilm continues to make this series of cameras. I want this series of cameras to be around a long time!!! :)

Yep. I just returned from a trip to Panama where I used my Nikon Z6 and was quite happy with it, but I would have loved to have had this Fuji as well for some swimming/snorkeling shots.

Link | Posted on Mar 13, 2019 at 12:51 UTC

Spent many years on the DC Resource forums after buying my first dSLR - a Canon XT 350D! Brings back many memories. Glad to see you here Jeff.

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"Its not a purse, its a European carry-all"!! - Jerry Seinfeld.

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On article Fujifilm XF10 sample gallery (183 comments in total)

I own a full range of Fuji lenses and a X-T2. I love them, but for times when I want to travel light I grab just the X70 - love that little camera - I shoot everything from landscapes to portraits to pseudo-macros with that camera - but the XF10 just seems to be a dumbed down version of the X70 . Is this camera supposed to be a replacement to the x70? - if so then it is very disappointing.

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On article Nikon Z7 Review (4475 comments in total)

In the test shots I can see the banding pretty clearly, in the real world images presented it is so subtle that it wouldn't bother me in the least.

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JJSo: I don't understandfully the purpose of these two lenses: The UWA zoom might be as good as it gets, but if it comes to UWA, best what I get is more MP to show more detail. UWA to me is not the domain of APS-C. This zoom is more expensive than genuine or third party offers and will never be able to show as much detail. And it will be a bit of a challenge for tripod sockets (in camera) as well as getting decent filters. At the end the rig is as big and heavy as a FF one and will still fall short.

I have 3 foot prints hanging on my wall from my old 16mp X-E2 that have plenty of detail. I would love this 8-16mm and I don't need a FF sensor to create incredible images with a UWA lens.

Link | Posted on Sep 11, 2018 at 17:38 UTC
On article DPReview TV: Fujifilm X-T3 hands-on first impressions (133 comments in total)

Am I the only one here who is happy to see the lockable diopter adjustment?!! Drives me crazy when that thing gets out of adjustment unexpectedly in my X-T2.

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On article Fujifilm's XF10 is a small, wide-angle APS-C compact (866 comments in total)

I'm a Fuji shooter - my main camera is the X-T2 with a full array of Fuji lenses - which I love but I often head out with just the X70 when I want to go light -I love that little camera. For outdoor use I find the f/2.8 plenty fast enough and I love the MFD.

The XF10, on the other hand, I find disappointing - No X-trans (I personally like X-trans), no flip screen, loss of the "Leica-like" aperture tabbed ring on the front of the lens (really handy), loss of the SS dial, same processor (it could us an upgrade).

I was really looking forward to a updated X70 but this seems to me a "cheapened" version of the X70.

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ShaiKhulud: Joking aside though:
- Still no video improvements
- No AF improvements
- It's still easier to recover Thai kids from the underwater cave than to recover shadows from 6D mk2 RAW.

I mean, for a few months 6Dmk2 is here to compete with A7-3 for a very similar price tag. Show some dedication at least with FW updates (weak point for Sony). But judging by the updates, not only sensor, but the CPU was a missed opportunity for mk2.

" It's still easier to recover Thai kids from the underwater cave than to recover shadows from 6D mk2 RAW."
Its comments like these that keep me coming back here :)

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On article Sony a7R III sample gallery updated (82 comments in total)
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Dirk Nuary: I think Sony still yet to improve yellowish skin tone and reddish tone (at bike cycling) . Did Sony notice that? Sony has to learn at Nikon in terms of landscape colors, and learn to Canon when it comes to skintone.

ShaiKhulud - I shoot jpeg 90% of the time. Except for times when I really need the extra DR then I don't shoot RAW anymore. The IQ is so good from all manufacturers nowadays that what makes me choose a camera is basically two factors:

1. Beautiful out of camera jpegs with minimal LR editing.
2. Ergonomics.

For these two reasons I shoot Fuji - for me, the extra resolution of the Sony's isn't worth the poor colors and annoying ergonomics.

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wondrouslightdotcom: The resistance to M43 reminds me of the film vs digital wars. Everyone is entitled to like whatever gear they want but it is a little pathetic to deny that Olympus and Panasonic are doing a tremendous job with M43. The reality is that ever more pros are buying into it either as a primary or as an alternative system, especially when portability is paramount, and the publishing market is OK with it. I went from 4x5" to medium format to 35mm to APS-C and now M43. At every step, life became easier and the shooting experience more enjoyable. My current gear includes 2 x EM5II bodies with Oly 9-18mm 1:4-5.6, 12-40mm 1:2.8, 40-150mm 1:2.8 with x1.4 converter, 60mm 1:2.8 macro and the very small Panasonic 12-32mm 1:3.5-5.6, 35-100mm 1:4-5.6 and 100-300mm 1:4-5.6 with the German tripod collar. I make and sell 24x36" fine art prints with this gear. With the G9 in-body stabilization, Oly lenses are stabilized too. So, If you prefer other gear by all means buy/keep it but pls leave M43 alone.

But....you can't make big prints with m4/3! :)

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Zoom Zoom Zoom: :
Lets see, so now DXO gives the Hasselblad X1D their highest "rating" ever?

More that 3 year worth of excuses that they "could not get a Pentax 645z at hands to test" and later changed to "they could not finish the review", served them very well worth of staying mum, finally now to release the same breakthrough numbers coming from another brand using the exact same imaging sensor.

DXO is positively the most disgusting and biased entity in the business of photography. They "rate" certain cameras they choose to review or not, they receive money to "rate" or not certain other cameras, they receive even more money from select manufacturers to have their cameras tuned to later receive higher "ratings", and they even MAKE their own cameras and "rate" themselves whatever they want! This preposterous conflict of interests should be enough to have NOTHING of that they say and do ever validated, even taken seriously or even even accepted as any sort of a rating standard all-together.

"More that 3 year worth of excuses that they "could not get a Pentax 645z at hands to test" and later changed to "they could not finish the review", served them very well worth of staying mum, finally now to release the same breakthrough numbers coming from another brand using the exact same imaging sensor."

Gotta admit, that does sound very fishy.

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