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  • Good Lord! That is almost as much effective storage as I have in my raid array!
  • Created discussion thread Photographing political protests
    So I'm going to be buzzing around with my camera at the Women's march in DC on Saturday (non-credentialed). I haven't really shot anything like this before. Any suggestions? Also is anybody else ...
  • Anyways, I've been following this thread on intel's page that has a intel team manager providing updates: Page 24....seems to indicate ...
  • Fair enough, I find it  annoying that they would include a two RJ-45 ports and not support teaming....My main concern is getting a board that is sufficiently future proof. One of the my thoughts ...
  • Looking back on the list, I forgot to paste in the video card I was eyeing (MSI GeForce GTX 1050 TI X gaming 4GB).
  • Also, any opinion on going with Windows Server 2012R2 over Windows 10 Pro? I saw that MS and Intel still haven't sorted out NIC teaming  for Windows 10 and don't really want to migrate to 10gbe ...
  • Oye...that would be a bit of cable and doggle mess just to avoid selling my apple display and buying a standard 4k/5k monitor.
  • No clue. Any reason to go with a Super Flow?
  • Microcenter was already on my list for serval parts including the CPU. The one part I've been uncertain about has been the motherboard choice.
  • Would not this result in the motherboard switch to CPU graphics?
  • Just under $1k when picking best vendor for the price. I have experience dissembling and upgrading just about everything in PCs and troubleshooting PCs before I switched to Mac in early 2013.
  • Created discussion thread Feedback on DIY PC parts choice
    I'm looking at switching from my suped-up late 2012 Mac-Mini to a custom built DIY PC. I've spec'ed out the following computer. I plan on canibolizing the my Samsung 850pro from the Mac mini and ...
  • A couple of notes, 1) these are just my vacation memories are certainly not art that I would put into my portfolio, 2) some of the landscapes I did 3 shot HDRs on because the dynamic range was ...
  • Didn't have a problem bringing my D5 and 24-70. That said, I did make it obvious to startled pedestrians that I wasn't taking their picture by pulling away from it and tilting the lens skyward ...
  • I ended up taking the D5 and the 24-70vr, and yes it was insured.
  • I wasn't planning to move to Linux. If anything it is a question of moving from a Mac mini to an older Mac Pro or a custom Pc. I'm very comfortable with hardware and trouble shooting, but for me ...
  • Created discussion thread Custom built PC or Older Mac Pro
    So I'm currently working with a Mac min 16 gb ram, 2.6 quad i7 (older 2012 model). Anyways, I've been thinking about replacing it with either a custom built PC or an older Mac Pro (with dual Xeon ...
  • I think that the hood needs enough rigidity to absorb the momentum before failing. I doubt the rubber hoods would offer the same type of protection.
  • I'm in a similar boat. Seeing MS innovating and Adobe really pushing on the PC, I'm curious about what people have experienced as my mac desktop and laptop are probably in their sunset years.
  • Thanks. When I looked at it, the locking mechanism on the hood had the little plastic piece that retained the spring sheer off along with a part of the thread on the hood even gorilla ...
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