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I'm a photographer and computer scientist living in New York City.


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DeepM: Visited your website and loved your styles compared to all the super saturated me too photos that seem to keep drowning us these days.

I know there is a tendency by some to over-filter these days -- and there is similarly a tendency by some to be negatively critical of photos that show any sign of post whatsoever.

I think the ability to recover detail from photos taken on modern sensors is amazing. And I'm personally not so driven by mimicking exactly what I see. I'm more interested in pulling out details, which are sometimes fairly hidden. (As a small example, I had to pull up the trees and the fire escapes in the bottom-right corner of #6, whereas if I wanted to be "totally real" that would just be dark.)

So: I believe in pushing it a bit. And I know if I push it, sometimes I'll wind up pushing it too far. Finding that balance is always a challenge. Enhance!

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Tom Caldwell: Well done Scott, I am an early riser as well and have caught many sunrises as a result but there is a certain "thing" about a high vantage point in a large city where every day, every scene is different. Sunrises are always unique in themself but it is not nearly as interesting when the "scenery" stays the same.

My vantage isn't actually all that high (at least not in NYC terms) -- I'm on the 14th floor -- but I'm also on a hill, and toward the north/east the buildings roll down the hill, so that effectively 'lifts' my view.

In fact, I'm just a bit lower than my tallest neighbors -- and I think that actually winds up being more interesting than being taller than everybody and looking down on everything, this winds up a bit more 'immersive'...

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miles green: Congratulations Scott, that is a very pleasant and different style of NYC pictures. I really like the last one, the "stepped nighttime long exposure". Could you explain what you did? I would have thought you used a zoom lens, and zoomed in during the exposure, yet you only shoot primes. Whatever you did, it works very well! Thanks!

Yes, that one was using a zoom (that was in some other notes that didn't get posted with the set).

One thing I should add: for that sort of shot, you likely want to zoom *out* rather than zoom *in* -- meaning, you want to be sure to have focus at the long end (if you zoom in, I think there's a pretty good chance you lose focus).

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Peter Del: 1 and 3 are the same

Thanks Allison. So any earlier posts that reference #3 are actually referencing what is now #1 (unless that can somehow be fixed in those comments?). And thanks kindly for sharing my photos!

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marike6: I think there is a typo on the front page: "Fujifilm has issued another firmware update for the X100, fixing a couple of big introduced in the previous update."

"bugs" instead of "big"?

Thank you for correcting the big.

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nemo107: when i was ready yo say this is my dream camera, somehow sony managed to screw it up: why oh why did they reverse the display hinge position, so now you can't lift the lcd almost 90 degrees in one quick motion like on 3 and 5, but in an awkward 45 degree angle in two (careful not to break it) moves. by that time your subject is long gone. fast draw is important to me (and shooting from the hip down)

jump to about 2:12

Seems fine to me, no?

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