Mike Overly

Lives in United States United States
Has a website at www.avsig.com
Joined on Apr 22, 2003
About me:

Canon: S100, S230 (Sold A70)

Olympus Stylus Epic DLX

Panasonic: Two FX01s (Together they make one Leica C-LUX 1 in black and silver with twice the capacity and *still* less $$: See this C-LUX at: www.aero-farm.com/clux.jpg )

Pentax: Spotmatic SP, K1000, istDS
1.4 50 Super Takumar
1.4 50 SMC Takumar
2.0 50 SMC
2.8 16 Zenitar
3.5-5.6 DA 18-55
4.0-5.6 DA 50-200

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