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old_slowhand: Sorry, but WHY should I buy a Camera from folks who have NEVER built a Camera before, when I can have any, ANY 35mm film SLR of my choice in good working order for less money? WHY? I dont get it. Hipster bullsh*t.

Your attitude is the reason for zillion tons of plastic waste floating around the oceans. But thanks for your care and interest for my social life. Dont worry further about it.

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JackM: Swapable film backs is a cool idea, allowing you to change ISO in the middle of a shoot. I like film only for a very occasional change of pace, so I'm not quite in this market, but if I was I'd be all over this.

If you are serious about analog photography - esp. the B&W genre, you will process your films by yourself. Then, it is no problem at all to rewind a partially exposed film, note the number of exposures you did and then pull out only the exposed part in the darkroom. I have done this many times back in my analogue days. All you need is a motorized cam that leaves out the film end, or a device to pull the film end from the cartridge.

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old_slowhand: Sorry, but WHY should I buy a Camera from folks who have NEVER built a Camera before, when I can have any, ANY 35mm film SLR of my choice in good working order for less money? WHY? I dont get it. Hipster bullsh*t.

In fact, I am upset if others enjoy making and consuming superflous bullsh*t wasting valuable resources. You dont seem to care, maybe because you are involved in the business?

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Sorry, but WHY should I buy a Camera from folks who have NEVER built a Camera before, when I can have any, ANY 35mm film SLR of my choice in good working order for less money? WHY? I dont get it. Hipster bullsh*t.

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On article Canon EOS Rebel SL2 / EOS 200D Review (572 comments in total)

Owning a SL1, I am very happy to see Canon continuing on this path with the SL2 finally. Both are very nice and capable DSLRs, but the main point in my eyes is the availability of matching lenses: Very modern constructions, stabilized, super lightweight and compact... and darn cheap to buy!! Sold all my other stuff, kept the EF-S 10-18, 24mm Pancake, 60mm Macro, 55-250 Telezoom. Thats my travel kit which is light on my back as well as on my wallet!

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On article Sigma SD Quattro H Review (643 comments in total)

The Foveon makes this Camera a very different kind of beast. But regarding hardware design, I see ways to make the SLR-like flange distance more attractive or useable: 1) Add a configurable dial ring to the "flange tube" - Voila! I am sure lots of user would like this very very much. 2) Add some Lenses to the lineup that extend INTO the "flange tube" (as some old wideangles for rangefinders do) -- I am sure one could build interesting pancake or wideangle lenses this way, of course, not with big apertures. but e.g. a 2.8/35mm that only builds up lets say 10mm in front should be workable. Just my 2 cents.

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Apple may not be the epitome of Cool as some years ago with Steve still alive, but obviously they still know very well how to do business. Who is going to blame them for this?

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soundknight21: Well, that just proves that Apple customers get ripped by 60%. But I suppose they also get "what they want".

I have also read that they make 40% of their profit from repairing their equipment.

...and about 98.714 % of statistics operate with way too many digits after the point in order to suggest precision that does not exist... ;-)

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eno2: What can you conclude from reading the article?

The Apple Iphones are hugely overpriced!

Maybe Apple simply knows how to do business?

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Paul Farace: These battery eating bastards took forever to turn on and by then, the battery needed changing.... and no hot shoe! Good riddance!

Same memory here, we had one at work, and all I can remember that it constantly failed the moment you really needed it due to empty batteries.

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Just had the chance to hear a lecture of Dr. Kaufmann (ex CEO and big shareholder of LEICA) last Friday on a Congress. Believe me, these guys know exactly what they are doing ;-) This is why they survived (after standing of the verge of bancrupcy) and e.g. Kodak did not. Don#t let the superficiality of this red lens fool you...

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Aaron801: Nice photo and very creative thinking to use the drone to hold the flash units. Still, I'm more impressed at the video than I am the still shot. It makes me think of so many documentaries that I've seen where the focus is on people doing very adventurous and daring stuff and yet I'm very often thinking about how the film crew had to make the very same trek as the subject, cary all of the gear and create beautiful footage...

yeah, especially true with mountaineering documentaries...

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On article The price is right: Canon EOS Rebel T6 / 1300D Review (426 comments in total)

Just bought the recently discontinued EOS 100D / SL1 on final Sale for 300EUR / body only; much better package and value than this one (adds eg. hybrid AF, touchscreen, smaller size). The unfathomable ways of Canon Marketing and product policy...

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Debankur Mukherjee: Hasselblad does the same with their H system which is made by Fuji in Japan and the body is sometimes available in Japan only under the Fuji name at half the price ...............today Hasselblad is just a brand........

obviously, it is not even a real "brand", but only a "label" or a "badge".

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The Customer: A pity, they were beautiful cameras. Had hoped to save enough for one, someday. Ah well... :(

Buy a Sony, carve a grip, save money!

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And this is his new business: http://www.4vdesign.it/ . Any more questions, anybody?

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you may read it all "first hand" on Luca Allesandrini's public LinkedIn page: https://www.linkedin.com/pub/luca-alessandrini/10/573/66

Quote: "The Hasselbald Design Centre in Treviso has been shut down.

I'd like to thank all the many people and companies that believed and supported this project, also those who turned their back when things went difficult.

There are a lot of people that still believed that what we did is madness, still many people love it.

We were given a goal, never explored before. We succeeded in turning this ideal goal into a real, unique product, every little detail of which has an incredible story to tell." End Quote.

Oh dear, why can't he just say "Okay, so we failed in a "stellar" dimension, but we learned a lot and I promise never again to put my sticky little hands on photographic equipment any more in the future..."

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so they dump their silver expertise into touchscreens after dumping their gelantine expertise into cosmetics, what will be next, will fuji find out that processing chemicals may be re-used as a soy sauce substitute?

cheers, martin

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On photo Bringing home the fish supper in the Bird portrait challenge (10 comments in total)

are you shure this is a photography and not a painting? the moment is nicely captured, but lots of cropping/processing etc, so that this image lacks somehow technically...

sorry, my impression. best, martin

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On article Hasselblad responds to Lunar criticisms (613 comments in total)
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ugotvijay: At least Hassy responded to critics....not being silent like Canon on their 6D

yeah. and the response is: "well, we will not force you to buy it". this is exactly the way I like to be treated as a client 8-)

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