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Used to be a pro photographer. Slowly starting up
again. Have got a D800E, and is extremely pleased with it.
I only use manual focus lenses, with aperture ring.


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I feel sincerly sorry for all those who bought a D600, who will see a drop in second hand value, and will have to live with doing regular sensor cleaning.

I think Nikon should make a limited time offer to replace the D600 with a D610. That would restore faith. But, I guess they will just count on the short memory of people.

Sigma re-released their SD1 with a new name, lowered the price with 75%, and gave those who had bought the old one a gift card for lenses, according to the price difference.
On the other hand, Sigma pulled the same trick when SD15 replaced the SD14, cause there where problems a firmware update could not fix.

Reports on the Nikon FF forum suggests that even if Nikon replace shutters on the D600, it does not fix the problem. So, its probably not D610 shutters that is used.

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washyshots: Best one yet - in my opinion of course: Relates to film reviews but same happens in graphic design.



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Awsome shot

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SD1m on the left. 17-50
D800 on the right 50 1.G according to this post:

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Benarm: very clever, great use of A77's superior frame rate

You need to rethink if you think these kind of shots have anything to do with fast fps.
They are probably shot with shutter open for 2 seconds or so.
One uses a machine to time the drops and the flash.

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Maverick_: Wow! one of the most boring videos being shared so far. My suggestion, use the helmet cam style for the divorce, it will generate a much more dramatic and existing footage.

Everyone is entitled to an opinion. Here is mine: I got no kick out of seeing the video, but I get a kick out of the idea.
The video may be boring, uninteresting, but I think it is important to remember the context. As any picture or film from a wedding, it serves as a bit of memory. For many women, their wedding day is important. The bouquet camera idea is a way of capturing - not what the bouquet saw, but what the bride saw. She can't wear a camera in her wedding. This way she can re-live her entire day - in a way my pictures as a wedding photographer cannot give her. I find the idea brilliant. Its certainly a personal thing, but that is fine.

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Great initiative. I wish you all the best.

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Richard, thanks a lot for your efforts in providing us with news. I understand that it is a lot of ground to cover, but I wonder about the lack of mentioning Sigma in the final report. The two large sensor compacts was known well before PK, but I do think Sigmas new, ground breaking end user lens calibration SW and dock was worth mentioning. As it allows for firmware updates to the lens, AND micro AF adjustments to store in the lens, it should be of great interest - as it is tricky to have both camera and lenses updated if using 3rd party lenses. The option to even calibrate for different focal lengths of a zoom is also quite neat.

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Lucafeb: Canon and Nikon hope that all their customers using they DSLR will stick with them forever.
These 2 manufacturers failed to see that mirroless camera are a valid alternative for some applications also for pro users.
Canon and Nikom are keeping alive this mamoth format just for their economic interests.

I hope Sony and Fuji in the future will eat all their market.....
I can't wait when the mirroless will have full frame, when it will happen also the video entusiast will migrate to mirror less cameras.

Canon and Nikon losers like Kodak..

Just for their economic interests?
Isn´t those companies, like any other companies, in the trade to make money?
Mamoth format? Is it the size of the camera you complain about? Is it too heavy or to big in size? Does a pro care much? I do not. I have used Medium format and big bulky FF film cameras a lot.
And I am quite sure that Nikon and Canon knows a lot more than you about their customers and their preferences.
Losers? Sure.
Have the thought not occurred to you that IF the consumers move big time to mirror less, Nikon and Canon will come out with mirror less? And the Nikon/Canon users can continue to use their 100 million lenses.

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What about Sigmas rather groundbreaking lens dock stuff? To be able to do lens firmware updates and AF adjustments with the dock, USB and some new SW.

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Thanks for a good article

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Even if I do not own this camera, and probably never will, I read it with interest. Really useful. Kudos to the authors.

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