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Zoron: Looks good....looking forward to own it.

Hey it's now only $4000.00 U.S. delivered to your door with extra expenses, from B & H in New York

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mpgxsvcd: What makes the LX100 a "Point and Shoot" camera. Yes it has an Auto mode. However, all cameras including Full Frame DSLRs have an Auto mode.

The term "Point and Shoot" is what should die. There is no such thing as a point and shoot camera. All cameras have some sort of camera control now.

The more appropriate term is compact or more specifically you can say small sensor compact or large sensor compact.

Samsung has an app that works as screen,remote,and wifi, between tablet, or phone,with camera.

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thomas2279f: Good write up- how come you haven't review excellent Nikon D4 or the excellent Canon 1d MK X|

I think Treeshade has made the most sensible comment. If you have the money of course. Also, there are hybrid combos like I use Sony NEX 6 with an A Mount AF Sony adapter. Also own a speed booster adapter with a Leica R mount

Sony 16-50 2.8 lens, Sigma 70-200 2.8 lens, and my low light manual focus lens is the Leica 50mm. The speed booster adapter puts it at 1.4

My point being that adapter combos up the quality and these tests on here can not be taken totally into account.

Never mind what some pros say about adapters, They work great. You just have to get used to using them.

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Maybe someone at Nikon is starting to smoke seaweed, instead of making sushi with it.

Salespeople, will either try to sell you a bigger sensor, and talk you out of it, or they might push it, if they offer some kind of bonus commission for the staff selling it.

Hard to say really, but we ALL expected something better than a TOY sort of micro 4/3rds, with TOY lenses.

What were they smoking? is right! Too Funny!
But don't worry, they already have the improvement model in the works, I'm sure.

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Awsome DOF. Great capture.

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On photo Newborn baby takes a bath for the first time in the Newborn babies challenge (1 comment in total)

Love the realism

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