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johnnedanger: Jeebus, so many answers so little time. Here's the lowdown:

The japanese katakana for the word is ボケ, or in hiragana/kanji 暈け. In romaji that is "boke", or the two syllables bo-ke. Japanese consists of individual sounds that get strung together in even increments. One character, one sound, one beat (barring double characters like 'ii' which is basically two beats). So the hiragana characters are "bo" and "ke". "Bo" is always pronounced like "Bow and Arrow" and "Ke" is always pronounced like "Keh" with the 'e' sounding like "set" or "bet".

So the way the Japanese pronounce this is "Bo-ke". Not "Bo-kay". Not "Bou-quet". Not "Bo-kuh". If they wanted to pronounce it "Bo-kay" they would have used the katakana characters ボケイ, or "bo-kei" in romaji.

Nice summary. Statistically, I see it as ボケ all or almost all of the time in the Japanese that I've read, but my sample space is small.

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