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  • yes but this time the process of raising up the mirror is automatic... otherwise you could not have quiet mode at 3fps

  • @Barney Britton,

    on the D850's brochure it's written that EFCS is enabled in both Q single and Q continuos (3fps) shutter modes... are you sure it's still implemented as mirror up lock mode?

  • "Then the US Copyright Office ruled that animals cannot own copyrights, leaving the photo ostensibly author-less."

    If animals cannot own any copyrights, the photo's rights should return to the...

  • I made some shots with an A9, mainly at home. Lots, lots of noise in the shadows even at 100 ISO. Especially with blue, dark blue and dark colours. When you push to recover them it becomes very...

  • testing??? what testing!?!!? :D :D :D :D :D

  • I wouldn't define Nikon D750 as lowly. It's probably the best FF 24MP camera in DR. AND resolution is absolutely there.

  • @Tommi K1

    you don't have faith and patience. Typical consumers' attitude. Nikon & Canon will answer soon. They will not wait more than 1 year to have their EVIL pro camera... Sony is just one...

  • At this point still one thing is not clear to me:

    Under 640ISO does it still make sense to shot 14bits? Or in no situations 14bits give you an extra information and so we can always use 12bits...

  • Because Sony a9 is NOT a sports camera ONLY (or AT ALL, time will tell us). Didn't you notice it?

  • @Rishi Comparing my D500 with α9 (estimated) :,Sony%20ILCE-9(estimat)

    leads to the fact that α9 is comparable to an APS camera, at least...

  • I really don't care: D5 and 1DXM2 are not for me. They are exactly what I don't want from a camera, and the reason why I'm going towards an EVIL FF camera.
    But DR is something important to me ......

  • The problem is that between base ISO (100) and 640 Sony a9 is worse than - or on par with - an APS camera (Fuji XT-2 i.e.) ... so where 14 bits should take in account the camera itself has the...

  • That's really a bad weak point from Sony that I didn't expect... :(

    Sony cameras have always been those with some sort of footnotes in the specs! :(

    but from a 5K £$€ camera this is pretty...

  • ahahahahahah!!!! from the 25th of May you will have an abundance of food!!!!

  • Do you spend 3500$ for Sony α7R2 basing your decision on the rank? I don't! You really are all-in with tech specs. I don't.

    - No dual card slot? α7R2 is not an option anymore.
    - No joystick for...

  • @ET2 Sony α9 takes around 2 minutes to flush the buffer after 220 raw files (according to Northrup). Ironically 220raw are only 11sec of shooting at 20fps. And if you want full DR you have to work...

  • criticism about 1DX2 AF is in comparison with Nikon D5 which are (both) in other league compared to α7R2.

    And I definitely not define "lower end Canon" the D54, which as the same AF of 1DX2 apart...

  • @ET2

    "- Lock-on AF still remains unpredictable and often unreliable
    - Camera focuses stopped down in AF-C, often crippling AF at small apertures or in low light"

    Those are cons conclusions about...

  • @Nick Tester

    I agree with you. I'd like to see more lenses for sports but I'm pretty sure they will come soon. They will contribute to make the Sony system more pro.

  • 20fps? yes there are 20 fps. But D5 and/or 1Dx2 are high speed cameras _only_ ? I don't think so. They are much more of that, even if they have all the constraints of DSLR with a mirror to move....

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