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THIS IS ONE OF THE GUYS WHO DID THE TRACKS !!!! I found him on one of my photo in background....Again: Licences plate from california CODES7N, yellow Jeep Rubicon

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1st part>>> Hi there, we were there on August 6th. When we were driving, we met one car at Kettle junction. They had a yellow Jeep and they were driving very fast there. We got to the playa about 40min after them. it was already after sunset. The first thing we saw was that they were dragging a big bag with their equipment over the playa, and they there were making a lot of tracks with the bag. My girlfriend said something to them, because we were surprised and upset that they would scratch the playa, but they didn't care. we took astro photos at night, and in morning when we were walking around, we saw a lot of tracks from a car. We started to make an investigation and the tracks were from their car. We got really upset, so we were talking to them. <<< 2nd part below.... I upload some photos of the tracks to my album....if u wanna see

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2nd part >>> At first they denied that they drove on the playa, and then they admitted it, and said, well other people drove there so it didn't matter. We got into a huge fight with them. We couldn't believe photographers could have such an attitude about something so beautiful and precious in nature. I took their license plate (CODES7N) and we were talking with a ranger, I hope they got in trouble. They were driving there before we got there and they were kind of bigger guys with a lot of heavy photo equipment so they didn't want to walk around - it was more comfortable to drive around and find the best spot for photos, I think (they were taking astro photos too). They were driving over a lot of rock tracks too! It was true, there were a few tracks from a different car, but these guys destroyed the playa a lot. We were so upset when we saw tire tracks everywhere.... I will share the photo with you...maybe you will know them.... this is the car.

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