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yuvyuv: I can't find the specific hypocrite comment I wanted to reply to. So I just paste it here for all of them.
This picture was created for you. Terrorists told the photographer were to be. They knew children would die there. They launched there missiles with a remote control, from a populated building. Those children died just for your tongue Clucking. And as long as you blame Israel for it, they will continue to die. the Israelis don’t have other options. (no, they don’t consider die quietly to make you happy as an option) they already doing an insane effort to minimize causalities on both sides, including the development of missiles that stop their missiles. Do you know another country that shows such sensitivity to their enemy's civilians during a missiles attack on its own civilians?

A homeless man, a relative of the village chief, is given a piece of your land, taken off you by force. Now he demolished the walls of your living room, adjacent to the house he built on 'your' land, and forced you out (by force, of course). You throw stones and he shoots you, killing your family and children. You complain to village chief, who in turn pretends sympathy, but instead gives money to this neighbor to renovate the living room you vacated.

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