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tecnoworld: Finally nx support! After so long this great system is getting recognized.

additionally to what the others have said, for me Sony loses majorly with the UI. Samsung interface walks all over it imo.

I originally went with nx100 on a gamble that the base lens line up of Samsung was cheaper and better and the thought that such a company would catch up and exceed in the bodies. Sony lenses were rated less well and considerably more expensive and Samsung are now exceeding (from my persective)in bodies with the nx300 FOR MY PREFERENCE. the 45mm lens in particular with the nx300 has to be played with to appreciate the beauty of the combo.

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yabokkie: I don't think any of these can be called good,
by which I mean "can compete with 35mm format."

never the less these are no worse than Japanese. mirrorless is the future that established Japanese makers do not want to face. because it opens a new world for many new comers to join, Koreans, Chinese, and maybe even German (not rubbish brands like Leica or Zeiss, but their real talent to actually design and make cameras and lenses).

timt999 - I believe the pancakes were shot with the nx20 not the nx300 which has a significantly better jpg engine. prior to nx300 samsungs jpg seriously sucked at higher iso. raws wee always good and nx300 have a better high iso response by a significant margine.
I can't comment on ff vs nx300 as lack the experience.

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Tonio Loewald: The real question is lens/camera combination. What these results show is that Samsung has caught up in sensor technology (which, given it was lagging by a generate or two a few years ago, is impressive). Samsung's remaining problems are the lack of a halo product and the lack of a recognized lens brand.

I played with some of these cameras in a local Best Buy and they feel good in hand and are very responsive. But there was no sign of a non-kit lens.

Samsung has a decent range of lenses generally well prices and good quality - DX0 has also tested the primes

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AlpCns2: The NX lenses are very good indeed, with a nice and useful selection. An underrated system, actually.

new 45mm is excelent and very light as well. But haters will hate.

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Vitruvius: GPS would be nice but it also slows the camera down some times (finding satalites) and uses more battery. So it might make sense that this is meant to be a "fast" camera so they didn't want anything to make it seem slugish. Althought you can always turn the GPS off. But who would do that on a camera that had GPS?

with mobile link shoudl be able to use a smartphone for gps and as an remote viewfinder.

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CameraZoom fx on android as well.

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