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Tim Skrastins: Can someone explain to me why there is shutter blackout to begin with? This is a mirrorless camera right? What is blacking out the electronic view? When I pull the lens off, there is just a sensor shutter, no mirror.

(PS - I have an A6000 and love it...great little travel/family/fun camera when I'm not shooting my D800 for work).

I think you are overly complicating the logic behind this. Even though they don't they use mechanical shutters, it is still using a former of electronic shutter. It will turn off the censor in a timely manner as it would with a traditional one.

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John Tran: How very Leica. Pompous and out of touch.

I now use a Nikon D800 for the shots I couldn't get on 4x5.

Wow larry, you need to get your head out of your ass. If you are going to bash people who takes Iphone picture you need to get out of the photo world.

Photography isn't about the what camera you use, it's what you are trying to convey through your photos.
It shouldn't matter what camera you use as a long as you use it. I've seen some great shots coming out of people's iphone. It's crazy how artistic people are with the camera they have on them. the best camera is the camera that you have on you, and you know what a lot of people carry an iphone and not their huge medium format.
Photography has gone a long way from film to digital. Digital has made it easier for the common to get into.
You don't need to bet a Pro photographer with great gears to take great photos. Knowing what f-stop means, knowing the ins and out of a camera, doe not make you a better photographer than a person with an iphone.

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dnral: For all the naysaying, glass half empty I really hate this camera folks, take the time to watch this video:

Maybe you will feel differently.


there's not even a head phone jack which is on pretty much all the ff camera on the market right now.

That video said nothing.

Give me a crew of guys and some expensive accessories and great lens and I will show you that it can be done with a cheap rebel camera.

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This is the 5dII the 2nd. Everyone is just going to use center point focusing like the MK2. Not a bad price for the retail price. MK2 came out around $2,800, hopefully this will drop down around 1,700. I can see it selling once canon realized no one will pay $2,100 for something like this when they can still get a Mk2 for a cheaper price.

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Devon Krige: Ok, so Im not trying to sound like a dick hear, and as much as i love my Canon 5dmk2 which has never given me problems, i do find paying for something that is a work tool for some and a hobby for others, were does one draw the line? Yes if you shoot at AV and are shooting in the pitch dark...which most of us don't do, and MOST of us aren't dumb enough to shoot in the dark WITH a lens cap on.....but why is it that black tape which costs nothing being used on a camera that cost's something?? Do i rock up to a fashion shoot with a hole in my pants and then tape it up with black tape? No, do i try fix plastic cups with holes in it with black tape, no! I mean imagine there was a light leak on a 70-200... every one would be walking around with black tape on a white lens! Why is it that we allow our selves to put up with this? Is it because we cant do anything?

Are you kidding me Devon Krige? you must be blind if you can't see that most of the ribbon cables on the camera are held down by tape.
Tape might not be the prettiest fix, but it does solve the problem. Only problem with using tape is the adhesive can melt making it stickly and messy if the tempurature in the camera gets hot.
People need to go out and take more photos than worrying about some silly tape.

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thefabpt: I take still photos almost exclusively, but occasionaly make a panoramic video of particularly spectacular scenery. My 5DII only outputs .mov files and the Mk III spec says it outputs to H.264 Codec standard. What, if any, is the relationship between these? Is there anything intrinsically superior in .mov over other formats more suited to the WinPC (as opposed to Mac) user? (And which can be played through my TV, which scorns .mov -- and most .avi wrappers).

BTW I moved from the 5Dto the 5DII principally for the anti-vignetting SW included, which has helped me greatly with landscapes, especially in the creation of panoramas.

Sorry if I seem hopelessly unschooled compared to the rest of you experts, but I can't help it!

not a type of .MOV. A type of codec compression for the video/audio. It can be played on any media player that supports H.264 which are on mac and windows. Mov files is just a packaging type. H.264 is a great form of compression compare to many compression out there. Less artifacts and great image quality vs file size. It's pretty much what people stream HD video with.

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