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entoman: For what it's worth:

I spent quite a bit of time studying the RAW performance of the R5, S1R, a7Riv and Z7 with the dpr studio comparison tool.

I set image size to comparison mode, which is the only fair way to compare cameras with differing MP counts. I tried all ISO settings. I moved the magnnifier across all parts of the image.

If really pushed I'd say the a7Riv has a slight sharpness advantage, and is a tiny bit less prone to moire (both due to th higher MP count), but in all honesty the difference is detail sharpness, noise and colour reproduction between these 4 cameras is so small it is barely detectable.

The moral of this tale is - Forget about the sensors.

Look instead at other factors such as lens choice, ergonomics, and features (e.g. rear screen design, touch screen implementation, IBIS rating, fps, menus, video options, battery life) that may give one an advantage over another for your own personal shooting style. In the end it all comes down to personal preference.

I get what you say in one respect, but I disagree in another - don’t compare the files at the same size, as that’s not how you shoot the camera. The a7riv looks great at base iso but falls apart quickly as iso goes up, almost as soon as you move away from base iso. Then you lose the detail you paid all that money to get. The z7 looks great at higher iso and costs a lot less, and sure you can make the Sony noise better with downsampling, but then you might as well save some money by buying the Nikon. In the real world the Sony can be both better and worse than the Nikon. You should also be mindful of the lenses used for that dpr tool - the Nikon was shot with adapted old G lenses, not the new native S lens which is WAY sharper, so you are in no way comparing the highest possible output of the different sensors.

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