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cgarrard: Even I'm a bit surprised on the final score and rating with this one, and I usually agree with DPR's conclusions.

And I do mean a bit, not a lot- as in a sarcastic reply. To me I thought the GX7 would get a gold award by dpr staffers, seems to tick off a lot of what they like in a camera. No worries though, there might be some intangibles mixed in there too with that score.

Personally I think the GX7 is the best camera for m4/3 Panasonic has ever built.


Responding to HelloToe and R Butlers reply just above. He begins: "...None of the above are devastating flaws," and adds "it doesn't push the bar any higher."

That's the thing -- other cameras that have pushed the bar do have devastating flaws. The gx7 seems like an effort to bring polish, iQ, and usability into the complete package.

He references the e-m5 for achieving similar specs more than a year earlier. I'd rather have the same specs now, without the flaws: "Focus tracking distinctly unreliable ... Small controls sometimes awkward ... Several useful features hidden in obscure and confusingly-named menu options."

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On article Panasonic Lumix DMC-GX7 Review (611 comments in total)

I'm a little confused about the review in terms of performance.

"The Lumix DMC-GX7 certainly does not disappoint in the performance department. ... Focusing is nearly instantaneous ... met or exceeded Panasonic's speed estimates."

There wasn't a single negative in the narrative description. Not even a lukewarm statment. Either the score is poorly aligned or the narrative is incomplete.

I'm truly curious -- what am I missing?

The x-m1 received a higher score with this narrative on performance: "It's not quite as snappy as, say, the Panasonic Lumix GF6 .. makes subject tracking difficult ... the battery seemed to die quicker than one would expect ..."

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On article Panasonic Lumix DMC-GX7 Review (611 comments in total)
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FrankS009: I was a bit disappointed with the score given, and the reasons provided for the score. They seemed like severe nit picking to me. If a professor gave me this mark on a paper, I think I would be justified in asking him to take a second look.


I agree. They should stop doing the ratings if they aren't going to be consistent about them.

Just as one example -- they had lots of negative things to say about the X-M1 handling and use and positive things to say about the GX7 in this regard. Yet the scores show the reverse. Subjective reviews + scientific tests are great. But these scores are empty.

"We found this material to be a bit slippery, which doesn't give you a lot of confidence when you're holding the camera. ... Two other design-related things we weren't huge fans of include the very plasticky power switch / shutter release and the top control dial, which turns too easily and can result in accidental setting adjustment."

I take comfort in the fact that they didn't find any major problems with the GX7. After a few months of consideration, I can get this thing with confidence, sure it will be my camera for the next half-dozen years.

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