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On article Olympus executive dismissed amidst loss revelations (91 comments in total)

You know when the rot set in? It was the ugly and unconventional E-300 that started the stone rolling ... reviewers complained their fingers got 'Between the Buttons'.

The delay in bringing the E3 to market brought 'A Bigger Bang' and the 'Steel Wheels' fell off ...

The executives will have to cross the 'Bridges to Babylon' and endure their 'Exile on main St'. They were 'out of our heads' doing 'Dirty Work' while 'Undercover' with their 'Sticky Fingers' in the till.

Beaten 'Black and Blue' by the markets, 'Their Satanic Majesties Request'ed some 'emotional Rescue' in the 'Aftermath' of this. 'England's Newest Hit Makers' held a 'Beggars banquet' with 'Goats Head soup' on offer as the moneys gone and they 'Can't get no satisfaction'.

Oh well 'Let It Bleed'... 'it's Only Rock an Roll' and 'Some Girls' will lick it up.

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On article Olympus 45mm F1.8 first impressions (46 comments in total)
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e_dawg: One of the cool things about this lens (and m4/3 lenses in general) is that the MFD (minimum focusing distance) is fairly short at only 0.5m or 20". Most 85mm primes on FF have an MFD of ~0.85m or 34". Not a deal-breaker, but the shorter MFD is nice to have sometimes...

A lot (all?) Olympus lenses have good close focusing distance. (Isn't 'Macro' in the Olympus DNA? Especially the OM system) I'd like to know how other brands lenses were in this regard?

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On article Olympus shares suffer as former CEO goes on the attack (193 comments in total)
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Optimal Prime: Interestingly, unlike last month's news report on Nikon share price rise caused by rumours of a mirrorless system camera, DPR's editorial team didn't see fit to report the dismissal of Olympus CEO and the subsequent scandal involving nearly US$700million paid to an undisclosed party in the Cayman Islands as a News item when the story first broke out last Friday (Oct. 14, 2011), nearly 5 days ago. Nor the fact that Olympus shares have tumbled by close to 50% since the CEO's dismissal.

One could certainly be forgiven for thinking Amazon (DPR parent company) prefers to dispense such damaging bad news as sparingly as possible in the hope of delaying any negative impact on their web-based sales of Olympus branded products...

Phil Askey was on the Glassy Knoll!

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On article Olympus shares suffer as former CEO goes on the attack (193 comments in total)
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AbrasiveReducer: This is unfortunate for all concerned. I don't know how many people realize the precarious situation that the camera companies are in but this is the last thing Olympus needed. I presume Mr. Woodford is financially well off because he's going to have a tough time getting another job.

Yes, but this is the real world. Whistle-blowers have shown themselves to be independant spirits willing to go it alone against their employers. However right their motives, you don't want someone who has the potential to be a trouble-causer in your employ.

You can't trust a whistleblower! Sadly...

Not my views, I abhor 'the system'.

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On article Olympus shares suffer as former CEO goes on the attack (193 comments in total)
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rondhamalam: That's why I choose Nikon and Canon. I cannot trust people like Michael Woodford

Rondhamalam : *"Michael Woodford is the joke.

Why should I care about Olympus.
Waste of time.
I am happy with my Nikon and Canon.*"

Woodford highlights some iffy dealings to the board privately, he gets no joy so he takes it to the investigators and media ... and he's the bad fella in this?

Word up: if you done anything wrong, you don't seek out the law or publicise it in the media.

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On article Canon announces Pixma Pro-1: 12-ink A3+ printer (54 comments in total)
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Birk Binnard: Well OK, but...

1. What about roll paper feed - will it print panoramas longer than 13"?

2. How much does the printer cost?

3. How much does printer ink cost?

4. Can each ink color be bought individually?

Yes, with 12 carts/colours, the ink replacment regime will be the real sticking point with this. Along with the question of whether all colours get charged when you've only replaced one and thus that is the sole colour that needs cycling/priming/charging?

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