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  • Thanks, Tom.  Really liking the dp3 Q.  But slow to focus but that may be my settings, so, need to have a root through the menue
  • Pear Williams in full blossom. Beautiful.
  • Quattro clouds Chaenomeles Geisha Girl Narcissus Thalia Mis-focused Acer palmatum
  • They look very good to me, Paolo.  Thanks for posting especially as we very rarely see portraits on this forum.  Mostly we see landscapes and shots of charts! ;-)
  • To my untechnical eye, the far right image  looks aggressively sharpened compared with the other two.  The diagonal lines in the righthand image look obvioulsy stepped.  Dunno if this is ...
  • Good idea Scott.   First, I hope Sigma Photo Pro is not trade marked and second, please can you have a page listing  Sigma cameras noting their correct names ie DP2 Merrill, dp0 Quattro etc.   ...
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    I may have missed something in the thread but I believe the original photo is a stitched panoramic made up of a number of SFD photos.   If it is, I think this  risks compounding errors. I've made ...
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    Hello Roland.  Yes, each of the seven photos can be extracted and as X3F files if required. For an exterior SFD, there is absolutely no doubt that the tripod must be rock solid and a timer delayed ...
  • A couple of Mk 4 Ford Cortinas cluttering up a front garden. A tasty beige colour.  Gaffer tape windows.
  • Hello Chopsteeks.   To me, your image looks over sharpened.  There are white halos as in the screen grab  below.   I only use the X3F files and the SFD files and convert these to TIFF  in Sigma's ...
  • I mean older models superior to the latest offerings.  It's nuts becuase what the heck are the makers doing all day?  As much as I like old Lancia cars (and Alfa Romeos), I know they are worse ...
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    Oh, I'd completely forgotten about that thread.  Thanks for the reminder.
  • I've a DP2M and it is bloody easy to get noise in the clouds when looking at 100%.  Even using -2.0 sharpening in SPP. To be honest, the issue I have with Sigma cameras is the current model is the ...
  • Excellent and dramatic.  I can never get clouds that good using my Quattros
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    I'm no expert either in judging quality and just do what I like.  All I know is others seem to think the SFD shots look great. I note your eye sight condition and wandering off thread, I would be ...
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    Thanks, Mike.   Makes sense.
  • A flithy day in Stratford upon Avon.  Grey, damp, low cloud and poor light.  Noise and grim-ness everywhere.  River in flood with the swans on the pavement. A good day for maintenance.
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    Here's a SFD shot that I couldn't have done as a single X3F And one of the painted organ pipes in really, very poor light. This was used as a printed post card and a book illustration.  Both look ...
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    Hello Osman, Good to see a SFD photo.  Not many try, which is a pity.   One thing I notice is SFD is great in poor light but may not be much better than a X3F file in good light.   Also, I would ...
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    I find SFD works really well for dim interiors like churches etc.  It cleans up the noise that an X3F file always has in low light Best, Steve
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