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On article Accessory Review: Tamrac Zipshot Tripod (94 comments in total)

Be carefull when you use the tripod, it can zip and shot (deploys automatically) and really poke your object or your partner... just like my tent's pole

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Bob Howland: A Polish website (optyczne) is reporting about five new Fuji X-mount lenses. Was there anything about them at the booth?

They're already there... maybe DPR crew forget to take a look to those lenses and take some pictures

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On article Hasselblad responds to Lunar criticisms (613 comments in total)

So why there's no better V or H-system? with Sony's high-end CMOS 6x6 or 6x4,5 MF sensor, multiple AF points, fast processor and LV, simplified body design for aerial/industrial use, faster focal plane shutter, etc?
And of course for extra charge on special order, a lightweight titanium or carbon version, walnut burl battery pack, dragon's skin body cover, gold-plated buttons, custom engraved body shell.
And we can call it a new H5D.

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JacquesBalthazar: I just wish they had been able to retain the dimensions of the M3,2,4, 6 or MP. They already added some fat on the M7, back when. Then much more fat on M8-9. I had the M8 and M9, and still have a M6. It is only millimeters and grams here and there, but there is a world between the handling of a M6 and the handling of the M9. I grew to hate the M9, partly for that reason: it tried to look like my lean and mean M6, but handled like a brik. The new M is even thicker and even heavier than the M9. Still disguised as a Leica M, but is a whole different beast. Bloated. I wish them well but this one makes me sad.

Maybe the CMOSIS sensor is 5mm fatter than previously used CCD sensor

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why not Digital Hasselblad X-Pan, will absolutely better than this $%#@$%#^...(whatever you call, alien NEX, Lunar, Mars, Pluto)
:-( still can't believe what they've done, it's suicide

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Hope with Sony's support, Hasselblad can fully upgrade V and H digital medium format system. (this Lunar is only a joke or nightmare)

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Kriwoel: How about better 3D camera like RAYTRIX ? any review?

This one uses Raytrix , also makes 3D prints out using microlens coating papers

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How about better 3D camera like RAYTRIX ? any review?

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Jens_G: No 24mm prime. No Focus peaking.

You got DOF and distance indicator on the viewfinder, but seems no precision MF aid, maybe only trough LCD aka live-view magnification only

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sesopenko: Have a look at the sample shots floating around. They completely lack the ability to define fine texture, just like the X10 did. Fuji needs to give up on these experiments with sensor patterns because they're making crap cameras at expensive prices to do so.

I would never pay this price for something that resolves so poorly. Real shame.

Sample images look soft like haze, lot of details but lack of razor sharp edges. Maybe something wrong with their lens or .jpeg processing. Maybe RAW format will show better images. This kind of camera+ lenses are good only for potrait. :-( maybe using different lenses, Nikkor or Leica-M will make the best possible from the X-Pro1

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