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  • Hi, Indeed. But I personally don't find the aliasing there that bothersome, so I left them alone. I did try to apply a moiré removal technique on them, but I didn't like the loss of saturation. The ...
  • Hi, I normally don't post here (I have no MF gear), but I found the exercise interesting, so I hope I'm allowed to share my version... I focused on the last picture, trying to replicate your ...
  • Hi, It's not lost, it's simply in a location that RT doesn't understand -- it seems it's all in a single tag. You can get more info in the pixls thread if you are still interested HTH
  • Hi, ...but as pointed out you can simply change the extension to .kdc and it works.
  • Hi, you can try asking on discuss.pixls.us, some of the RT devs are regularly around HTH
  • Hi, Are you sure the tool was enabled when you moved the sliders? If you click on the auto button it gets enabled automatically, but not if you just move the sliders. I just tried and everything ...
  • Well that's certainly unintentional -- I'll see what went wrong, thanks!
  • Ah, I see. Art doesn't modify raw files, so there's nothing to save. If you want to make a copy, right click on the icon in the file browser, then "file operations -> copy". Best
  • Sorry about the inconvenience. I run Microsoft security essentials and it didn't report anything strange, fwiw
  • Hi, Oh, I think there's a misunderstanding here. If you are talking about saving your edits, this is done automatically once you switch to a different image (or close the program). Art saves it's ...
  • I'm not sure I understand what you mean. If you use the "batch queue", by default nothing is overwritten, unless you have this set (which is not the default): If you use the "save" dialog, you can ...
  • Hi, It is meant to be simple, but what this means is clearly subjective, so it's impossible to make everyone happy (unfortunately). That said, if you have specific feedback, it's always appreciated. ...
  • Created discussion thread ART v1.6 is out
    Hi, I think someone might be interested, so I wanted to mention that ART v1.6 has just been released, see https://bitbucket.org/agriggio/art/wiki/Home New features include support for waveforms and ...
  • Hi, Short answer: no, sorry, this has not been implemented yet. Longer one: You can copy the individual drawn masks (brush and area), but not the others. The reason is that the same curves used in ...
  • Hi, A few options: (1) The dev version of rawtherapee has local adjustments in the style of Nik/capture nx/dxo. If you are already familiar with RT, that might be your best choice
  • Yes, it does (since version 1 actually), although some compression schemes are not supported yet. And there are packages for some distributions (at least arch and opensuse, possibly also Ubuntu) ...
  • Hi, https://discuss.pixls.us/t/art-version-1-5-released/19858
  • Hi, If I counted correctly, 156:
  • Hi, Check your antivirus settings: see https://discuss.pixls.us/t/que-not-working-will-not-save-developed/19142/19 Hth
  • Hi, Actually, I dislike them both. For reference, here's how I would edit the raw, without caring too much about matching the jpg (but definitely, if you like the jpg, nothing wrong with that! and ...
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