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a7III backlight stripes have preferential raw planes Sony Alpha Full Frame E-mount Talk 9 months ago
A7SIII overheating after 23 min outside - independent review results Sony Alpha Full Frame E-mount Talk Aug 15, 2020
DFA* 85 1.4 hands on video (in German) Pentax SLR Talk Jul 29, 2020
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HD PENTAX-D FA★ 85mm F1.4 ED SDM AW - reviews, comparison --> Wow! Pentax SLR Talk Jul 27, 2020
Camera Statement By Sony Open Talk May 20, 2020
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Yongnuo YN585EX P-TTL and HSS flash (new) Pentax SLR Talk Jun 30, 2019
Copy settings from cam to cam Pentax SLR Talk Feb 25, 2019
Nikon fading into oblivion, ILC and mirroless stagnacy in graphs Open Talk Feb 12, 2019
Pentax have the highest dynamic range ? Pentax SLR Talk Jan 4, 2019
Fat Fifty needs our support (D-FA 50/1.4) Pentax SLR Talk Dec 12, 2018
External Power packs for AF540FGZ Pentax SLR Talk Dec 4, 2018
HD Pentax-D FA* 50mm F1.4 SDM AW In-depth review posted Pentax SLR Talk Oct 21, 2018
Tokina Opera 50/1.4 about 1100 usd Pentax SLR Talk Oct 12, 2018
Will Pentax ever supply a "dot sight"? Pentax SLR Talk Aug 25, 2018
Decent Optical Performance and Questionable Quality Control Pentax SLR Talk Aug 16, 2018
Pentax DFA* 50mm F1.4: Category killer lens, 3D-Pop- and dream bokeh machine Pentax SLR Talk Aug 7, 2018
Fantastic looking Pentax DFA* 50mm F1.4: first customers have received it Pentax SLR Talk Jul 23, 2018
D FA*50/1.4 Preorder Sold Out Pentax SLR Talk Jul 19, 2018
On not jumping ship! Pentax SLR Talk Jul 12, 2018
Actual photos hint at flawed theoretical measurements by bclaff Pentax SLR Talk May 23, 2018
Stealthy updates of K-1 II files a few days after the review Pentax SLR Talk May 18, 2018
K-1 II : other versions of the studio scene Pentax SLR Talk May 17, 2018
Pentax K-1 II: Class leading dynamic range and ISO invariance Pentax SLR Talk May 16, 2018
A7iii stripe issues getting more reports from users Sony Alpha Full Frame E-mount Talk Apr 19, 2018
Quick fix: Is the backlight stripe noise really a major problem? Sony Alpha Full Frame E-mount Talk Apr 18, 2018
The K1II MUST have better AF, or I'm gone! Pentax SLR Talk Mar 19, 2018
Pentaxian Wildlife pro: Are your skills on par? Pentax SLR Talk Mar 17, 2018
What causes stripe noise on a7iii? Sony Alpha Full Frame E-mount Talk Mar 8, 2018
Is Tamron 28-75mm F2.8 optically better than Pentax 28-105mm F3.5-5.6? Pentax SLR Talk Dec 21, 2017
Pentax Pixel Shift v. Sony Pentax SLR Talk Dec 10, 2017
Anyone using a K1 for nightscapes? Pentax SLR Talk Nov 28, 2017
Nikon's big decline in ILC market share Open Talk Nov 23, 2017
K1 color profiles don't show up in Lighrtoom Pentax SLR Talk Nov 14, 2017
Received my K1 and is up and running, and... Pentax SLR Talk Nov 2, 2017
K1 viewfinder darkens when battery is removed Pentax SLR Talk Sep 29, 2017
(Pentax) DSLR Guide for Shooting Sports II: Horse Racing Pentax SLR Talk Sep 21, 2017
Miigis by Red Sky Performance, Sandra Laronde Pentax SLR Talk Sep 20, 2017
Tony Northrup: Is Nikon FAILING?! News & Rumors Talk Jul 8, 2017
Rumor: Japanese Gov't encouraging Fuji to buy Nikon Nikon FX SLR (DF, D1-D5, D600-D850) Talk Jun 14, 2017
Nikons market share now closer to Pentax than Canon - what lesson for Pentax Pentax SLR Talk Jun 7, 2017
My photo stolen for a cover of a Dutch language book!? Open Talk May 28, 2017
If Pentax KP and Fujifilm X-T2 were at the same price... Pentax SLR Talk Apr 6, 2017
Nikon user raves about K1 + 150-450 Pentax SLR Talk Mar 10, 2017
Tony Northrup recommending sensor stabilization (again) Pentax SLR Talk Feb 21, 2017
Pentax KP vs. D750 raws at high ISO 25600 - Pentax APSC on par with Nikon FF Pentax SLR Talk Feb 13, 2017
Did Kenko make an AF extension tube set for Pentax? Pentax SLR Talk Feb 6, 2017
It may be old, but it is tiny, fast and a beauty. Pentax SLR Talk Jan 8, 2017
Venus 12mm F2.8 ~ Christmas Lights (11) Pentax SLR Talk Jan 4, 2017