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AstroStan: Well that was a disappointment and somewhat misleading. After starting with ordinary star field pics, I expected the intermediate zoom to show a visible light image of the galaxy and jet (well known and often imaged by amateurs). But they skipped that entirely and went to a satellite x-ray image before blending in a radio map. It's a shame because visible light images of M87 are beautiful and fascinating.

Recent astronomical imagery has become dominated by glitzy creations and simulations that may provide a few seconds of superficial entertainment but are bewildering and confusing (if anyone really pays attention). Cable channel astro programs routinely throw wildly irrelevant (and incorrect) pretty pics at the audience as if competing with MTV; e.g. the story may concern galaxies but the accompanying fast-paced imagery contains planetary nebula and made-up "artist impressions" in a willy-nilly fashion. Takes the science out of astronomy...

Yes. And what we can see is an organized power, from a force that place things in order. Who can count the stars? Or give names in all of them?
Only the power that cause them to exist. "He counts the number of the stars, He calls all of them by name." Psalm 147:4. God the creator.

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I respect the work of all the photographers but to my view there is no soul to the most of the winning photos. The stories are better than the photographs it selves. Looks like story telling experiences contest.

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After Covit era with global economy pulling down All mobile companies should reconsider their pricing policy to go up the 1.000 limit.
We live in time of renegotiation on every level. We all going to work more for less on the following year. The Spending power of their clients is going down. They have to listen to the market. This is good marketing.

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Clyde Thomas: This camera is not for you. Stay away. Handling one for five minutes will cause you to question everything in your current gear collection. You'll lie awake at night calculating how much you can sell your current gear for. You'll monitor eBay constantly for special deals on AMount lenses. You'll go down the rabbit hole researching old Minolta AF lenses. You'll wonder why you never paid any attention to the thirty year AMount 9 series legacy. You will fall in love again, with a camera...


Love hurts.

Yes the old Minolta lenses are doing fine Job! For all those wondering about the old full frame lenses I have a question: how many megapixels was the full frame film?

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