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Enjoyable images. Thank you for displaying them.

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On article Pentax K-50 real-world and test scene samples (146 comments in total)
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tommy leong: very NICE
i just love Pentax cameras

Must create the need to buy new stuff.

Link | Posted on Dec 27, 2013 at 15:53 UTC
On article French newspaper publishes issue with no photos (191 comments in total)

Pertinent subject. What passes for 'news' has degenerated into a mindless pablum. Certainly, budgets have been tweaked from on high, and those folks assume an audience lacking the will to make noise on the issue. Video news has certainly become a 'reality t.v. show'. It follows that like managers on daily papers & mags will allow a descent into 'snaps' vs. well thought images.

More, that our history will be forgotten, for a while. Some event(s) will no doubt cause the importance of good writing and imagery to resurge.

Until then, just keep hammering away, and fight the urge to lower your standards.

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It looks as though my CS6 is my last PS buy. I've used Adobe products since it's beginnings and am disappointed with the decision to 'offer' these subscription schemes. There now exists opportunity for competitors.

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After 30+ years as a cop in California I believe that booze, or booze & drugs, is the common denominator in such disfunction & violence. Economics, education, race, age, sex, locale are minor components.

The photographer was making an effort at objectively documenting something that 'innocents' are usually exposed to through exaggerated fiction, or second-hand recounting.

Good insight into the miserable circus.

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Jim in AZ: The ACLU won't tell you is many who follow police around are attempting to put them in some false light or make big bucks when cops encounter some bad guy who won't go peacefully by painting it as police brutality in the press. Their First Amendment claim is also weak sauce:


I was a cop for 35 years. I've supported the ACLU for decades. Unfortunately, positions of authority can and do attract folks that like to operate outside the 'rules'. Sadly, the 'system' does not like to bare its' mistakes. That's why advocates are needed.

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